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Sunday, August 26

Young Erica Rides Again

Currently I am sitting at a computer in a cozy, quiet cabin near the water on Vancouver Island. The sun is shining, the foliage is giving off aromas of life and the birds are singing welcoming songs inviting me to come out and be apart of it all.
So why am I sitting beside a computer in a cabin?

While the welcoming beauty of the island offers a sweet escape to many, I am immune to its draw because reality inside this cozy home offers me a much sweeter preference.
The ferry wasn't a trip from the city to nature, it was a time travel machine that took me back sixteen years.
Inside this cabin, I'm 15 years old. I'm free of responsiblity, I'm silly and fun. I am not expected to take care of anyone or anything. My dramatic flare, humor and even audacity are encouraged and even enjoyed. I'm surrounded by people who love me and see only the good parts and refuse so see my dark side. (or at least they don't mention it if they do)
I am the free-spirited, careless, goofball than is convinced that maybe, just maybe I really am a fairy princess. Young Erica Rides Again!

I am at the home of the parents of my dearest girlfriend. We have had a mutual understanding since we were 13 that we are in fact, twin sisters that were separted at birth. (we had to be raised in separate families for the good of the kingdome of course, two heirs to the throne could not be in the same place, it wouldn't be safe!)

We shared a sense of humor that makes other people roll their eyes while we laughed ourselves to the nearest bathroom. We survived the pain of puberty, which wouldn't have been so hard if boys weren't such stupid, immature dummies that we didn't need anyway!
We shared our dreams of being doctors, curing cancer, writing novels, and traveling to our winter home in Brazil. We loved each other right out of a friendship and into a family.

All through our teen years, my best buddies parents were there to watch over us, listen to our woes (which were sooooo tragic), and mainly to feed us....again. I arrived at their home after an 11 year absence to balloons and a home-made sign welcoming me to the island. Michelle aka Mom #2, had made a brunch fit for royalty and Bob aka Dad, sat back with a huge grin and just listened. He was so happy to have "his girls" home again.

Those eleven years had never passed, that was just a few minutes, and nothing had changed. With family, the place you hold in their hearts never goes away, in your absence, it is simply reserved and awaits your return. I was reminded of many silly things I had said and done. Mom made sure I was fed, cared for and sent to bed because I was tired. For those who don't know me, being told to nap for me is the equivalent of telling a starving man to eat. It is a welcome notion. She's a good mom.

At supper time, they set my plate on the table, it contained a bowl of pickles and a can of tuna.
In my teen years, I would eat lunch at their house nearly every day...a tuna sandwich, half a jar of pickles, and a few slices of cheese. It was a running joke that when they got home from work, they could check if I'd been there that day by checking "the level" in the pickle jar. Bob says he had to work overtime just to feed my pickle habit. He's a good dad.

So here I sit at a computer in a cozy, quiet cabin. A short trip away from the city. A world away from the joy and sorrow of the responsibilities that await 31 year old Erica at home.

For a moment my mind tells me that I should feel guilty for enjoying this carefree moment away from my husband and kids. But here in this cabin, I am 15 years old and everyone knows 15 year olds are immune to guilt!
For the moment, I'll park all my responsibilities (not parallel park, that's too hard) in a dark, secluded corner of my brain, it can keep the algebra and ecology information company. I will live for the moment, and let others take care of me! Teenagers don't think about what is coming tomorrow so I won't either. Just for today, Young Erica Rides Again!
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