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Tuesday, July 31

Parenting 101

I think I figured out the 3 basic things that are required to limit the amount of damage we do to our kids while raising them.

I created this formula during the week that my kids were at the lake with their dad and I was working.
Did you ever notice how easy it is to master parenting while there are no kids around?
I have some friends who haven't started their families yet who have perfected the parenting process. It is a strange coincidence.

Anyway, in three easy steps I think I've devised a plan that will not make you a perfect parent but will keep the damage you inflict to a minimum.

Here they are...the three gifts you can give your children that will keep them trauma-free!

#1. Introduce them to a good, kind, gentle God.
#2. Register them in a good, kind and gentle school.
#3. Bring them to a good, kind and gentle dentist.

If you follow these three steps, you should be able to avoid most of life's most traumatizing events.
And if these steps should fail, see step #1 again. That usually works on most trauma.
Good luck!
I would love to say more but my time on offering parenting advice has come to an end, my kids are home and they are REAL!!!!
Erica at 8:55 AM

Friday, July 20

Living the Single Life...

I had to work long hours this week so it was good that the kids weren't here being ignored by their mom.
Instead they spent the week having a great time with their dad at the lake while I was living the single life in the city.
I haven't had a space of time this long where I was on my own without the kids since...well, since I had the kids.

Its been an interesting week.
Its like being on a game show where I get to try out what my life would have been like if I has stayed single.
I worked, and then hung out with friends in the evenings. I didn't cook one meal or wash one dish.
It was quite an interesting experiment but now (after day 5) I miss my girls, and I'm ready for them to come home.
Erica at 7:49 PM

Saturday, July 14

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is playing in Winnipeg right now. I went with my sisters last Tuesday. It was so AWSOME!!! And very funny! If you care for ABBA's music at all, you'll LOVE it!!!!

Erica at 7:28 PM

Friday, July 13

Happy Birthday DJ

The girls all dressed up for daddy!
We celebrated DJ's 33rd birthday last night at his favorite restaurant. Its a Japanese Teppanaki bar here in Winnipeg. We had lots of fun, and its a great show. It was the first time we'd taken the girls, they loved it.
(Everything in this post is being underlined, I have no idea how I did that or how to undo it!)

Erica at 10:33 PM