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Thursday, September 28

First Day of Kindergarten...

A few weeks ago my first born started kindergarten.
It was a HUGE event in our house.
I haven't had time to post the pictures until now, but that doesn't mean it wasn't an important and life changing event.

Rebecca has enjoyed her first weeks of independence in "her own school" with a new teacher, a new language and new friends.

I thought I'd post some photos of this momentus day.
Here she is with snack in hand, and a loaded backpack, excited about her impending bus ride...ALL BY HERSELF!

Mommy walked with her to the bustop and though emotions ran high, she didn't even cry once.

Rebecca didn't either.

We made it to the bustop and Rebecca could barely contain herself.
We didn't know which way it would come from so watched up and down the street eager to see the chariot that would carry her to independence.
Thank God Almighty- Free at last!

Apparently we were overly concerned about missing the bus on the first day and we were very early. (first timers and all)
The waiting got a little tedious so a little sit down and cuddle with daddy was required to pass the time.

Ummmmm.....still waiting....and mommy can't stop taking pictures.
"Thank goodness I'm going to kindergarten to get away from shutter-happy mommy!"

(note the little band-aid on her arm--its from her five year old needle--ow!)

YAY!!! Its finally here!
Rebecca's first bus ride ALL ALONE!

She was so excited!

Mommy was concerned that she would be frightened all by herself on that big bus. She had to zoom in on the camera to see what her face had looked like in the window....Oh...she's pretty much ecstatic. Already then...quick, lets hop in the mini-van and follow the bus to her school...just in case!

We followed her bus to school...because you never know!

Daddy knew how proud she was of her own bus ride all alone, and warned mommy not to take that away from her.
"You're allowed to get out of the van to take pictures but you make sure she doesn't see you! Don't ruin her special day!"

These are pictures that mommy took of Rebecca being met by her wonderful teacher at the bus,
and being walked into the school....that mommy took while crouched behind a bush so Rebecca
didn't see her.
Erica at 8:39 PM

Wednesday, September 27

Bits of Bella...

The post about Rebecca revealed a girl who processes ideas and then presents them to the world. Her thoughts are much like molasses; slow, thick and rich. In contrast, Isabella's thoughts are more like a blast from a shot-gun. A hundred unconnected ideas shoot out in a thousand directions all at once and its very LOUD! (she doesn't scream per se, she just talks VERY LOUD A LOT!!)

It is more difficult to write about Isabella's cuteness because its not so much what she says but how she says it. Her facial expressions, her emphasis on certain words and the drama in every thing she does, but I will try to share some quips from the last couple of weeks.

After going to a movie with her aunt:
"Ohhhh that was so hil-ar-ious, I just laughed off my head!"

After discovering she likes putting the laundry detergent into the machine:
"Mommy! If you wash more clothes, come get me and I'll put in the wash sauce for you!"

After listening to a conversation between Rebecca and I about where babies come from:
"Oh I get it! I came out of a hole in your BUTT!" (breaks into peels of laughter at the word butt)

After hearing pretty much anything that she likes:
"Oh that is just the best!" "You are the best mommy/daddy/sister in the whole wide world!" "That is the best idea I ever heard"

After being told to go to her room to put on socks:
"Yes, Mother!" (she rolls her eyes and draaaaags herself down the hall)

After her mother told her she is a drama queen:
(coming close to my face, taking a deep breath between each word, she yelled)
"I AM NOT A DRAMA QUEEN!" (then cracked up laughing at herself...skipped off singing, "I am not a drama queen...)
*if I was a sarcastic person, I would comment here but thankfully I am not sarcastic*

While singing and dancing (like Maria) around the living room:
"The hills are alive with the sound of muuusssic. With songs they have sung... for a thousand EARS!"

And finally...this one Rebecca said about Isabella.
Both girls love being read to but when Isabella has been sitting still long enough, she has a very subtle signal to let me know. As I turn every page, she makes a smart-alec remark about the preceeding page. The intention is to make her sister laugh, which will cause them both to get silly and we'll stop the reading session.
The remarks are usually something like "Yeah Right!" or "That would never happen!" or the ever popular potty humor ones such as "Then he fell on his butt!" or "Then he fell asleep and peed the bed." or "He went to potty and they never saw him again!"

The result is that she makes her sister giggle uncontrollably. One day after a laughing fit, Rebecca sighed and said, "Oh Bella! You're so funny, we should put you on the newspaper!"
Erica at 8:00 AM

Wednesday, September 20

Reels of Rebecca...

In the last few weeks, I have enjoyed listening to Rebecca so very much. She is just so full of life, creativity and thought. She often sits quietly and then just blurts out the most profound statements on life, friendship or whatever. Sometimes it deep, sometimes its thoughtful and sometimes its just plain cute. I will try to recall some of the Rebecca-isms from the last day or so for you to enjoy her as well...

At the dinner table, after a quiet interspection: "I know why the children needed a governess. It was because the Captain didn't know how to take care of his children. He couldn't care for them because he didn't understand who they were inside, that's why he needed Maria. I bet I know why their mother died too. Because seven babies in the body would make you sick!"

After seeing a flock of geese flying overhead: (sigh) "Well, there go those eagles! Flying south for the winter I guess!"

After a lengthy discussion on where babies come from: "Okay, but what if the baby doesn't come out the hole, then would the doctor make another hole in your tummy?"
"Actually yes, that is called a C-section and the dr. takes the baby out of the front of the tummy instead."
"How? Like with a knife?"
"Its a special kind of knife and its called a scalpel."
She rubs her stomach with a sickened look on her face and says with exasperation, "Mommy, I better just work on getting through kindergarten first before I worry about babies!"

Describing kindergarten to her sister: "Its really fun, and there is lots of stuff there, there is a gym, and music but you know what it doesn't have? No church. But it does have a library."

When dropping her sister off at pre-school (a Christian based program in a church that Rebecca attended for 2 years)

Bella: Look at my school! My school has a cross on it!
Becca: Yes Bella, that is because you praise THE LORD at your school. (with a sigh) We don't praise the Lord at my new school. In fact, we don't talk about God or Jesus at all! I think I'm gonna have to talk to my teacher about that!

"Daddy's Teenager Music"
Daddy likes to listen to lots of different music from when he was young, one day while searching the web, he found a song by the Spice Girls that Rebecca absolutely loves! Since hearing the song, she sings repeatedly, "If you wanna be my gotta get with my friends. Mmmm haa laaa lllaaaa...friendship never eeeeeends." (repeat)

Using some of her new found language (she is in french immersion and has been practising speaking when she gets home from school):
"Mommy, you know when Bella and I don't listen to you?"
"Well, that makes you feel FACHE! Right?"
(fache means angry)

It is so fun to hear her thoughts, and talk with her at this stage. Listening to her use her french and experiment with new words is exciting, and fun. Who knew that a five year old could be so much fun?
Erica at 9:51 PM

Thursday, September 14

Overheard in the Seales Van...
Mommy: When we get home, mommy is going to help Rebecca with her homework. Isabella, you will get some special daddy/daughter playtime, okay?
Isabella: Hey daddy, what do you want to do with me?
Daddy: I don't know, what did you want to do?
Isabella: I know! We could play polly pockets! Do you know how to play Polly Pockets?
Daddy: (laughing) No, I don't know how to play Polly Pockets. (thinking he has escaped playing dolls)
Isabella: (getting excited) I can teach you! Its not hard, you just have to do what I do. First you just take the doll and you move it around with your hand and you use a voice like this (using a high pitch girl voice) "Hello! I'm wearing a pretty dress, do you wanna be my friend?"
Daddy: (realizing he's not getting out of playing dolls) Yeah, I guess I could do that....
Rebecca: Daddy, don't worry. You can do it. Its just like playing Barbies, only the dolls are alot smaller. Its okay. Isabella will show you how.
I think its so sweet, the way the girls are willing to take daddy under their wing and show him how to play dolls. They assumed his reluctance to play dolls must be anxiety so they were so encouraging and helpful. It was adorable.
Erica at 1:00 PM

Tuesday, September 12

Super Auntie...
My kids are blessed to have an auntie who loves them to pieces. As you can tell from this photo, they love her like crazy. Every time she visits, they crawl all over her and hugs ensue.
This weekend she pulled another Awesome Auntie stunt, she took Rebecca and her cousin to a Bomber game.
Rebecca and Conlan love hanging out together, and they looked very good in their Banjo Bowl Bandanas!

Auntie Cheryl is training them to be great Bomber fans, between all their Bomber gear, the flag and "making loud noises", they did a great job cheering.
They got a chance to see the Bomber Bear.
The cousins even got a picnic on the football field with Aunty Cheryl. I'm sure there was not a fruit or veggie anywhere to be found. Yes, Aunty Cheryl, your secret is out. Rebecca told me she had "popcorn and chips and lots and lots of SUGAR when she was at the Bomber Game."
But I guess that's what Aunties are for. As Rebecca pointed out after the game.
"Mommy, guess what? Aunty Cheryl SPOILED me!"
Erica at 1:39 PM

Monday, September 11

Getting Organized...

I'm heading back to work. This is the first FULL week as last week had a holiday in it.
I'm trying to organize my time, my life, my kids and my thoughts.

The more I get organized, the more I feel like this is do-able.
Erica at 8:53 AM

Saturday, September 9

Senior's Moments...

I am making soup from Grandma P.'s recipe and I needed a spice that was not in my cupboard. Grandma told me I could get it from a little shop that serves mostly senior citizens, as it is situated near many senior's apartment blocks.

I laughed as I wandered through the store and witnessed several people having a "senior's moment." These lovely white-haired ladies would stand perfectly still in the middle of the aisle waiting for the brain stall to cease. Their eyes rolled up and a little to the left as they searched through their memory banks trying to remember what it was they came to buy. You could almost see their minds snap back into action as they remembered what they were doing, came back to life and carried on with their shopping.

I giggled as it looked like there was someone with a cosmic remote control pressing pause and play and pause and play on the minds of senior citizens like a strange, cruel video game.

I shared these thoughts with my mother-in-law when I got home. I told her my funny take on shopping seniors and how it amused me.
She did not think it was funny.
She also reminded me that I am not as young as I used to be, and it will not be that long before I am standing on pause in the shopping mart trying to remember what was on my list.

Ahhhhhh....the wisdom of the ages. That is what I love about her, she is not afraid to whip my impudent butt back into shape when I need it. She will teach me patience, compassion and remind me how quickly life goes by. And in return, I will remind her what day it is and which shoes go on which feet!
Ha! Ha! Ha!

(For those who think this is cruel to be taunting a senior citizen, you must know that I really do love my mother-in-law but I am harassing her into commenting on my blog. Ok Liz, now I've made a smart-ass remark about you, the comment button is at the bottom of the post....what do you have to say for yourself???)
Erica at 4:13 PM

Friday, September 8

Response to Tag...

I got tagged on Rebecca's blog awhile ago and I'm now doing this interesting little questionnaire, where upon at the end of it, I can tag other people because I think it is interesting.

A book that changed my life:
Breaking Free of Rejection
by John Paul Jackson
-great practical book that deals with personality, and human relationships and ways to break free of the bondage and cycles of rejection- changed how I dealt with people!

A book I read more than once:
The Red Tent
by Anita Diamant - just a really, really good read-
by Alex Haley - great story, interesting perspectives-

A book I would want on a desert island:
Not to sound too "holy roller" or cliche', but I would want my Bible because you can read it over and over and it is always different, it never gets old.

A book that made me laugh:
Any book by Adrian Plass makes laugh outloud. He is so funny! Also the entire series by James Harriot made me laugh. Those brits just crack me up.

A book that made my cry:
Fundamental Statistics for Behavioural Sciences (it was painfully dull)

A book I wish had been written:
You're Not a Jerk, You're Just Religious!
-it would address critical attitudes and judgments of the church on the world. It would be written from a secular perspective and be translated into Christianese. All the f-words would be written like this *@#* so as not to offend! It would explain who the "brood of vipers" really are, and conclude that God's love is soooo amazing and merciful that He will accept people who've been churched at the end of time. Amazing Grace!- It would sell at least 4 copies!-

A book I wish had never been written:
My diary in grade seven. Talk about a book that makes you cry!

A book I am currently reading:
Pages from Canada's Story - quick historical overview of Canadian history -written quite awhile ago and ranges from politically incorrect to downright racist
The Beginner's Guide to Hearing God by Jim Goll - good tips
Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone - English translation of an Italian novel by a political exile
How to Meet in Homes by Gene Edwards - a book that flies in the face of North American church culture, and questions the roots of traditional religious practises-

A book I've been meaning to read:
Freakonomics by Steven Levitt
Fear No Evil by Brad Jersak
I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

The people I wish to tag next are the following:
My mom, Joyska, Yvonne, Vanessa, Judi, Lynne, Cindy, Rhonda and Cathy.
Erica at 7:40 PM

Friday, September 1

From Rebecca's Blog...

I got the "what European city do you belong in" from Rebecca's blog and I thought it was very thought provoking.
Go ahead...give it a whirl.
Where do you belong?
Erica at 2:14 PM

You Belong in Dublin

Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.
You're the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl... or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.

Erica at 2:11 PM