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Wednesday, August 30

The Constant Conversationist...

In my new found ardor for the art of conversation, I have responded to every comment left on my last post.

I will use this blog as a way to connect with REAL people if its the last thing I do!!! (today)

I realize you tagged me three days ago and I will book blog tomorrow, I am currently in a vegetative state so my answered would reek of unintelligence.
I realize that unintelligence is not a word.
Erica at 8:32 PM

Sunday, August 27

Changing Opinion Poll...

Alright I admit it, I have been neglecting the Opinion Poll on the side bar of my blog.
That Shakespeare opinion poll must have been up there for at least a few monthes.
Apparently people like "Romeo and Juliet" and "MacBeth" the best. Aside from those
who hate Shakespeare altogether.

So I've done it.
I've changed the poll, but not just that, I'm changing the rules on my blog.

Here are the new rules:
If something on the opinion poll (or a post for that matter) provokes a thought in your head, please leave it in the comment section.

This can be done by clicking on the word "Comment?" and then filling in the little box with your comment. (That means you Lissie!!! I know you are lurking!)

Comments can even be left anonymously but in terms of conversation, not knowing who I am addressing makes discussion a bit awkward.

Why am I encouraging comments? I would hate to think that all my thoughts are correct, wise, intelligent and insightful. That would make me soooo boring! Since no one is contradicting me, I am left with the assumption that I am always correct. What a tragedy!
I would love to hear the different perspectives of other people on various subjects. It encourages me to think about things I might not have considered otherwise.

The exchange of ideas is what I love about interaction with other people.
However this isn't really personal interaction, is it? Erica, you could consider that the internet is impersonal and out of social context being on a computer screen and all. Perhaps the internet is not the place to have a conversation!!!

See what I did there?
I disagreed with my first thought on the value of leaving a comment. This gave another perspective. Now this could lead to a conversation and exchange of ideas which is limited in expression but convenient in terms of time and space.

Some of my friends are very busy and we don't get together as often as we would like, so a quick comment sends the message "I'm thinking about you" or "here is what I think about that matter". It allows for some interaction (although limited) which does not require finding childcare or taking away from family time or ditching work.

Some of my friends are very far away and I never get to see them and rarely get to talk. My blog is a valuable connection to Rebecca, Vanessa, Rhonda, Joyska, Nancy and of course my mom. Even though we are far apart, it warms my heart when I see their names on the comment section and I know they are still connected to my life. This has value to me.

So feel free to comment so I can keep in touch with those I love, get to know those I've just met and have conversations with those who wish to converse or debate.

Or if you'd rather lurk....whatever!
I guess you're just not cool!
What do you say to THAT???
Nothing! Because you're lurking!
This is good. I think I will start insulting the lurkers on my site to provoke them into commenting.
(that's an evil laugh by the way)
Erica at 8:13 AM

Saturday, August 26


Last night I watched a movie that was pretty lame on the whole but had a couple of insightful moments.
Throughout the film, the young lady complains that her dad drives like a grandma. Finally, she talks to him and asks why he always drive so slow. He says, he doesn't always drive slow, but only when she is in the car with him. (ie. He loves her and wants to keep her safe...corny moment, lame "Full House" music plays...yadda yadda)

But this brought to mind a memory I have of my own husband on the day he brought Rebecca and I home from the hospital when she was 3 days old.

D.J. attached the car seat ever so carefully, and then checked it repeatedly to be sure it was secure. He put the car into gear and barely touched the gas as we rolled down the hospital drive way. He drove the car as if it were a ticking time bomb which would blow if the speedometer went above 20 km. He turned every corner ever so gently, and if a car was within a mile of us, he would cautiously give way to other drivers.

I remember laughing to myself all the way home at his caution, and concern. This from the guy whose favorite past-time was doing 360s on the road in his mustang. The guy who did donuts in the Dairy Queen parking lot and loved to "fish tail" in the rain.

Mr. Maniac driver went from Evil Kneivel to Mr. Rogers in just 3 days. Isn't it amazing what love can do?
Erica at 11:45 AM

Friday, August 25

Morning Vista...

My bedroom window faces east so everyday I awaken to sunshine outside my window. Once the blinds are opened I see the green trees and sunshine filtering through leaves. It is a peaceful way to start the day. Depending on the sun's course in the sky and the number of clouds, the view can change subtly from day to day.

But yesterday morning I awakened to a particularly beautiful sight. It warmed my heart so much I thought I'd share it on my blog.

Breath-taking isn't it?
Erica at 11:13 AM

Thursday, August 24

Early Morning Quiz Show...

I was awakened at 6:50 this morning to a barrage of questioning. Isabella wakes up, a switch goes on and every thought she has must come pouring out as quickly as possible. (much like her mother)

Before my eyes were open I was asked, "What's a leech?" I mumbled something about little animals that stick to your body to which she shrieked, "FOREVER???"

As I launched into a little lesson about leeches, my inquistive four year old queries, "How do mermaids change? (into people)" Now I must transition from my mental notes on leeches to a lecture on the difference between reality and make-believe, all before I've even opened my eyes.

Bella then switched from mermaids to feathers, "what's the point of feathers?" It is at this point in my foggy half-sleep that I realize she is not listening to my responses, she is being entertained by simply asking the questions. I just listened and this is what I heard:

"What's a stem?"
"How high do you think I can count?"
"How old is God?"
"How did God get into heaven?"
"How did Jesus make His people?"
(at this point she wanted a reply to be sure that I was still listening because I had now picked up a pen and paper to write these questions down thinking them quite amusingand blog-worthy)

I answered that Jesus has the power to create and....she was off and running again:
"You mean like magic?"
"Is Jesus magic?"
"What are you writing on that paper?"
"Are you spelling something on that paper?"
"Are you writing names?"
"Whose names are you writing?"
etc, etc...

My day had begun with 30 questions in a space of 4 minutes. Now I am off to face another day of the four year old inquisition. Perhaps I will make my own game show out of it, I will count how many "Why?"s and how many "How comes?"s she can do in one hour, and then in the hour see if she can beat the record.
That could be fun.
Erica at 8:21 AM

Friday, August 18

Shopaholic Confessions (not the novel)...

As much as I hate to say it, the summer is beginning to wind down. I'm not saying that its time to put my sandals away because that would be cruel however the signs of fall are irrefutably present. What does this mean? (Besides the obvious, that its time to go to Old Navy and purchase a new soft, fluffy fleece to cuddle up in?)

Back-to-School Shopping Season is about to begin!!!

I must admit that I am not going to school anywhere this year, but I'm going back to work and that's as good a reason to shop as school...right?

But wait...there is even better news than kids are going to school so I get to shop for them too! Yay! Until they figure out that they can have some input into what I buy for them, I still get to pick out their clothes. At this point, they still clap their hands and yell, "yay!" for everything I buy them so I'm just going to leave things as they are for the time being. Besides, girls clothes are sooooo cute now that I have such fun putting together little outfits.

Here is my little confession: I went down to the States with my friend yesterday and we did some hard-core shopping for 8 hours straight. Of course we stopped for lunch and had Cold Stone Ice-Cream for dessert but other than that, it was strickly shopping. It was heavenly!

I bought my back-to-work clothes and all my kids back-to-school clothes and shoes. We found unbelievable deals and we were home by 8:30pm!!! All in a day's work.

I know what you're thinking...does it really pay to shop down south? What about duty you paid, what about the exchange rate...blah..blah..blah...

Listen up fellow shoppers!! (sorry if I'm a bit forceful with you, still on the bargain-adrenaline rush from yesterday!) Even considering the exchange rate, taxes and the $90.00 duty I paid on the way back in to Canada, I saved $713.81 on my purchases. I just figured it out!

And those comparisons in prices are not comparing to what I would have paid retail in Canadian stores but rather I compared it to what I would have paid if I bought them on SALE here!
(ie. I have a number in my head for any item I purchase that is my "ceiling price" for any one item, and that number is always WAY lower than the suggested prices)

I could pay retail but that would be disrespectful to my mother who taught me everything I know about shopping. I wouldn't want to over-pay for something, and tell my mother who would promptly have a stroke and end up in a nursing home. She would spend her days eating tapioca and listening to a grade four choir sing sea-chanties off key! That would be a tragedy! So, because I love my mother so dearly, I never pay retail!

But I digress...I had a great day of shopping, friendship, good food, great deals and Cold Stone Creamery. All in all, a fabulous way to spend the day!

My kids are heading back to school with adorable little outfits and sweet little shoes, and I have a new denim short-jacket that is to die for! Due to Bath and Bodyworks, I smell pretty. My house is going to look amazing with pictures in all my new frames.
ps frames are ridiculously priced in Winnipeg

End Post
Happy Day
Happy Happy Day
Erica at 10:07 AM

Tuesday, August 8

Pictures from Wedding...

My friend Cindy and me.

Justice and Cindy coming down the aisle.

The bride and groom...a.k.a. Cindy and Greg
Erica at 9:03 AM

CRA-A-A-ZY Long Weekend...

The itinerary for my August Longweekend was packed with fun, friends and family.

Friday night
  • visiting with long-last family from B.C. and Hong Kong
  • movie
  • laughing, playing pool and goofing in hotel lounge
  • glaring at Hamilton Tiger Cats (football players) who returned to hotel lounge after having defeated our beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (okay sometimes I wasn't glaring, I was just checking them out!)
  • breakfast with cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings and grandma
  • preparing food for wedding rehearsal for close friend for whom I was to be matron of honor
  • hair appointment
  • driving out to wedding site (a farm outside of Steinbach)
  • wedding rehearsal time
  • food and mingling with Cindy's new in-laws (good people!)
  • hit the hotel with Cindy and Gail to stay up all night giggling, praying and crying as blessed our lovely friend who is leaving us for her new groom who lives in B.C.
  • hair, make-up, clothes (after very little sleep) *pictures to follow*
  • pictures
  • wedding
  • awesome prayertime
  • reception and saying good-bye to my buddy (more crying)
  • nap
  • hosting family reunion at my house for about 40 people with food for 50 people
  • put kids to bed
  • go to the Greek Islands, Africa and the Caribbean (folklorama pavillions)
  • hang out in hotel bar with relatives (more laughing)
  • lunch and shopping with cousins and daughters
  • add Grandma, aunts and mom for coffee
  • hanging out and walking on the river walk at the forks
  • watch the boys shoot some pool
  • supper and put the kids to bed
  • go to Cuba and Chile
  • bid farewell to hilarious relatives whom I won't see for another few years
  • pack for a few days away with my little family
Now I'm off to Rock Lake with my husband and girls to rest and relax for a week.
Erica at 8:20 AM

Thursday, August 3

Parenting 911...

The other day I was in the store and I saw a little girl walk by with a t-shirt on that said, "Slightly Dramatic!" I laughed and thought to myself that is the shirt I need for Rebecca. That about sums it up.

Sometimes its something to laugh about and other times I have had my fill of the drama and wonder how this kid is going to handle life. To call her sensitive is putting it lightly.

I've done what I can to teach her to cope with hurt feelings a little better and remember not to listen to what other people say. In reality, this is a lesson it can take a lifetime to learn. I should not get so impatient with her moods, her dramatic flair and her sensitivity. After all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and in these ways, she is my mini-me.

Perhaps that is why it is so bothersome to me. It reminds me of the things that I don't like about myself. Sometimes I think I should tell us both (Becca and me) to just suck it up!

Why don't I?
I don't want her to lose that sensitive, innocence that is so lovely and draws people to her. She is a safe place for people who need a friend. She tunes in to what other people are feeling and responds appropriately. She is always aware of her surroundings including the subtle nuances that many people miss out on. She can express her own emotions, thoughts and persceptions in a manner that is well beyond her years. There is a lot of good in her that goes right along with the sensitivity. I just want her to stop being so upset as I want to protect her from pain but that is not possible.

So here I sit. Stuck again. Trying to find balance. The only trick I have left up my sleeve is prayer. All I can do is ask God to make me stronger so I can be a better example and teach her how to let God be her strength.
Oh good.
Something easy.
Erica at 1:00 PM

Tuesday, August 1

Thompson Pictures...

After all the excitement, the girls sacked out in the car.

The girls and I looking at Pisew Falls.
A picture that D.J. took of the falls.

DJ with the girls in the hotel room.
(He wants the picture taken, Bella is watching tv and Becca is posing)

My dad catches a fish on the Grassie River.

Erica at 8:49 AM