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Tuesday, February 27

Bella Buff

Some shots of Bella running around in the buff. Why?
Because it amuses her. She's a little nudist. Loves being naked.
Reminds me of a friend of mine who loved to moon people. He got over that stage....eventually, hopefully this stage won't last as long for Bella as it did for him!

Hey! You readers that know who I am talking you admire my discretion in not saying the name of the "mooner" to protect his identity? Pretty classy eh? I'll bet Sean really appreciated that!
Erica at 5:26 PM

Little Banger

Rebecca decided she wanted bangs so she just grabbed a chunk at the top of her head and
SNIP!!!! Instant bangs. She didn't even tell me after she did it, she waited until I noticed on my own.

I did what I could to even them out on either side of the chunk and now she has little curly bits hanging down. Such is life. I thought I'd take a few pics of her new do but she was in a goofy mood so I got a giggle shot, an I'm still talking shot and a goofy-face shot.

Erica at 5:12 PM

Thursday, February 22

PSA Bunn's Creek Park

This is my public service announcement about the fabulous Bunn's Creek Park.
It is right by our house and it has a rink, sliding hill onto the creek, an ice-slide and a hiking trail that leads to the Red River. Bunn's Creek Rocks!
If you wanna check it out, let us know and we'll get the hot chocolate brewing for you.

We took Rebecca skating for the first time last Sunday.
Here she is holding onto to daddy for balance.

Getting a little braver, striking out on her own

Girls going down the ice slide.
(That is me behind Bella going down the ice slide, there is not a ninja trying to grab her.)

Bella on the ice, not wanting to try the skates.
Too scary!

But she will go down the little slide with her big sister.
Erica at 10:05 AM

Wednesday, February 21

New Mercies Every Day

Thoughts on life as a mommy, a home maker, a friend and a wife.

Sometimes the pancakes are fluffy and golden
and sometimes you burn the grill cheese.

Some days the stove top sparkles and gleams
and some days you bleach the black socks

Sometimes the snack for school is warm, fresh-baked banana bread
and sometimes its day-old carrots and water

Some days begin with quiet reflection, cuddles and conversation
and some days are cursed with running behind and hurried commands

Sometimes daddy is welcomed home to a hug and hot dinner
and sometimes the weeping banshee throws cold cereal on the table

Some days mommy is a craft genius with little care for the mess
and some days she is more Mommy Hyde than Mommy Jeckle

Some seasons are filled with warm invitations and entertaining
and some seasons are walked out alone at a tiresome pace

Sometimes grace, compassion and mercy abound for all loved ones
and sometimes the grinch turns green and curses the world

No matter what each new day carries with it, perspective is the key
the faithful sun will rise again and bring new mercies in its rays

Wretchedness will be forgiven once more and all the oopses loved away
Love covers every sin and new mercies will greet me with a smile

Whether I get it all done to perfection or mess it up beyond repair
"God! Meet me again, be always my only reward!" will be my prayer.
Erica at 11:23 AM

Friday, February 16

Back Inaction Back In Action

I have not blogged at all this week due to spinal complications.
On Monday something odd occurred, I went from life as usual to life in the horizontal.

My back when out. I've had back issues before but I'd always had some sort of forewarning when it was about to go out. It would be sore or stiff, go out, I'd go to the chiropractor and then all would be well again.

But this was different.
This went from normal to extreme pain and inability to move at all.
It was awful. DJ took off work as I couldn't move and the girls still need to be fed and taken to school. After a couple of chiropractor visits and two days laying in bed, it didn't improve so we went to the doctor to see what this nonsense was.

It turns out it is a slipped disc that is putting pressure on my cyatic nerve.
This explained the extreme pain. I am sceduled for a CT scan which will only be necessary if I don't improve over the next two weeks.
So I am now on high-powered anti-inflammatory pills which are very helpful. I am able to walk again, laying down is getting more comfortable and I can sit for a few minutes now. (I hadn't been able to sit for the last 4 days)

I've been sitting and typing for a few minutes so its time to stop now. Things are stiffening up again.

Please pray that I would heal quickly and permanently. I don't want an old lady back when I'm still a young lady. Or ever for that matter.
Erica at 12:22 PM

Friday, February 9

Toothfairy Going Bankrupt

Rebecca has had two teeth fall out so far. She is so cute with her big gap on the bottom!
We keep telling her she has a built-in straw holder! She loves this loose tooth thing and was thrilled to show the dentist yesterday! She also insisted that the hygenist use mint dental floss not the cherry one - that is for kids! Since she has adult teeth coming in, its time to switch to adult dental floss!

(However the cookie dough flavor tooth polish was okay because it tasted sooooo good! Isabella kept trying to eat it!)

They are such funny girls!
Erica at 12:46 PM

Monday, February 5

Wonderful Workshop

On Friday I attended a conference for work. The keynote speaker was a best selling author (Barbara Coloroso) who speaks to teachers and parents all over the world.

I loved what she had to say about the difference between punishment and discipline.
Here is a short summary of that part of the workshop:

Punishment is...
  1. Adult Oriented
  2. Requires Judgment
  3. Imposes Power from Without
  4. Arouses Anger and Resentment
  5. Invites More Conflict
Whereas Discipline...
  1. Shows Children What they have Done Wrong
  2. Gives Them Ownership of the Problem
  3. Gives Them Ways to Solve the Problems they have Created
  4. Leaves Their Dignity in Tact
I think it is so wise. I want to discipline my children, not punishment them. I really want them to learn and stop all the harmful behaviors (to themselves and others). I liked the methods of dealing with conflict between children as well but I'll save that for another day.

What are your thoughts on these definitions of punishment and discipline?
Erica at 9:22 AM