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Sunday, June 1

Speed of Life...

One day you're journaling about your baby starting kindergarten and the next day it's June and she's finishing kindergarten, ready to party. Summertime is almost here and its time for kids to hit the beaches, go camping and forget all about school schedules.

Honestly, I don't where the time went this year. I know that life seems to be whipping along. My kids will be back to school in no time and I'll wonder where the summer went.

I am trying to keep up with the speed of life but it seems I'm often one step behind. The hours fly by, the kids grow another inch and I'm back in line at the grocery store wondering where the day went.

The place of contemplation and rest was paved over and now there is a toll booth on the highway demanding a price if I want to keep up with traffic. The toll for traveling this highway is quiet, peace, patience and calm. Keep up with the traffic, a minimum speed is enforced in North America. If you don't keep up you'll be ticketed with guilt and shame.

Acceleration includes kid's lunches, parent volunteers needed for field trips, fun day, fund raisers, parent council meetings, community meetings, work meetings, bank meetings, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, sports events, soccer, baseball, swimming, ballet, volleyball, haircuts, doctor and dentist appointments.
Too slow! Put the pedal to the metal....there is still paperwork, budgets, hiring, firing, interviewing, email, editing, car maintenance, bill payments, credit card statements, play dates, dinner out, dinner in, coaching, vacuuming, cooking and cleaning.
Not out of gas yet? Plan the calendar for garbage days, library books, hot lunch day, milk calendar at school, play-school, and next week's events. And fit a work day in there somewhere.

Needless to say. This crazy highway goes on too fast for me. I feel like I'm driving too slow with not much gas left in the tank, wondering why everyone else seems to be driving along just fine.

I've decided to get off this fast track. Its tiring. Its hot. Its taxing. Trying to having it all is just not worth it. I've resigned from my job and will be leaving at the end of my contract at the end of July. I will take August to recooperate from the last few "laps around the track". I plan to spend September on my family and my friends. I'm gonna be a mom, a wife and a friend again. I plan to rest and wait.
I'm taking a time out. Time to slow down.
What's after this? Don't know. Don't care right now.
Come the fall....we'll take it from there....
Erica at 10:15 PM