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Sunday, February 29

If you've never seen the show "The Wiggles" on t.v., you should consider yourself blessed.
My kids love it, and it is so annoying.
I'm tired of the same guys with the same goofy smiles and silly songs.

Its like watching four Raffi's on speed.
But my kids think they are the equivalent of rock stars so I daren't change the channel.

I just grit my teeth, try to tune it out and think happy thoughts.....

But it still beats teletubbies...AGAIN! AGAIN!!! TIME FOR TUBBY BYE-BYE, TIME FOR TUBBY BYE-BYE!
Erica at 6:18 PM

Saturday, February 28

Last night (Friday) I saw "The Passion of The Christ"

What an amazing movie.
That was the most real and the most human that Jesus has ever seemed to me.
It was definitely a touching movie.

I'm not sure if its one that I could watch again and again.
It was really hard to watch and I felt so emotionally drained at the end of it.

Throughout the whole movie, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude at the sacrifice that Jesus made
for me. How much He loves me was everpresent, as well as the reality of His choice going to the cross.
Hearing Him say that its what He came to do, was so amazing to me.
He REALLY is atonement for my sin.
The power of His blood is so real to me now, its not just symbolism or words, there was real blood that He gave
for me!

I was truly affected by this movie. I would recommend that everyone go see it, just not kids though...its graphic.
Erica at 6:24 PM

Thursday, February 26

I think I got hit with cupid's arrows on Valentine's Day but just didn't realize it.
For the last two weeks, I've been soooooooooooo in love with my kids and my husband, its just crazy.

My kids have hearts that are so sweet, and gentle and kind. It makes the fact that they are ADORABLE almost
irrelevant. (almost) Their voices are so soft and sweet, and the things they say make laugh out loud.

My husband has been patient and sweet. When I went out (for the 4th night in a row) last night, he was telling me not to worry about the girls, but have a great time. He was happily tending to the kids, and sent me off with a kiss.

I'm smitten with my family. *sigh*

Despite my work being hard, and seeing so much crap in the world. I come home to a house of peace, and gentleness, where three people in it who think I'm pretty amazing.

I am so blessed. Not just blessed, but BLESSED.
Erica at 2:39 PM

Wednesday, February 25

My thoughts are drawn to a pardigm....

Be light to the world......deliver us from evil.
Be as shrewd snake and innocent as doves.
Lay down your life for your enemy....if they resist the gospel, don't let your peace rest on that place, in fact wipe the dust from your feet when you leave the town.

God has so much grace for the world but there is also judgement because He loves justice and people are so evil.

It is hard to be in the world, and not of the world as they say in christianese.

After work last night I felt as though I had been "dipped in evil". The next generation often makes me fear for my children. So much rebellion, hatred of authority, irreverence and crude lifestyle. It often feels to me like a dark and evil savage people.
I was in shock at the things they think of to do and say. Where is the hope for these kids? Who wants them? Who would be light to them? If that's my place, is God going to keep me safe from the evil they plan? Both spiritually, emotionally and even physically? Can I trust God to keep me safe in a dark place?

Lots of questions....

Am I teaching my children to be kind, gentle, soft-hearted people to their own detriment? Sending them to school, will I be feeding them to the wolves? Can I trust God to watch over them, even if they must be co-horts to an evil generation?

Lots of questions.....

And yet, God is good, and just. I wish for "on earth as it is in Heaven" but now I'm just stuck on "deliver me from evil".

Erica at 3:15 PM

Tuesday, February 24

I thought this was cute:

You may be the parent of a toddler if:

1) You know the name of Elmo’s goldfish.

2) You’ve purchased Dunkaroos.

3) You’ve ever found yourself wondering why some adults can’t seem to see Barney, but others not only see him, they think it’s perfectly normal that their kids are consorting with a felt dinosaur.

4) You’ve fed a goat recently.

5) You’ve used the words "pluggy," "bippy" or "binky" in casual conversation.

6) If pressed, you could sketch the layout of Toys R Us on a napkin.

7) You’ve had to use the little red shopping cart at CVS.

8) You’ve watched "Elmo Saves Christmas." In August.

9) You know which brands of diaper have which cartoon characters printed on them.

10) You know what happens if you give a pig a pancake.

11) You’ve ever found yourself wondering how Clifford the Big Red Dog has managed to get through life without accidentally crushing someone.

12) You’ve traced your hand and made a turkey out of it.

13) You know which one is Po, which is La-La, etc.

14) You’ve stood at the bottom of a slide saying, "You can do it!" and/or "Other kids are waiting, honey."

15) You can name all of Arthur’s friends, including Fern and Prunella.

16) You once thought of the Walt Disney company as the purveyors of wholesome family fun, but now you think of them as money-grubbing entertainment whores.

17) You’ve used the verb phrase, "go potty."

18) You know what would happen if all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops.

19) You’ve peeled the skin off a hot dog.

20) You’ve found that you have a favorite Muppet, and have defended his or her attributes to your spouse, who it turns out also has a favorite Muppet.

21) You’ve rewound and fast forwarded through a Barney tape to find the part "with the cookies."

22) There is a little toilet seat in your house with pictures of a blue dog on it.

23) You’ve used the word "tubby" in casual conversation.

24) Your parents have long since stopped asking anything about you during your phone conversations.

25) You’ve purchased "Cinderelmo." On DVD.

26) There’s a bowl of Kraft Easy Mac cooling in your freezer.

27) The phrase "We’re out of wipes" causes beads of cold sweat to appear on your forehead.

28) You know how one might go about doing the Whoop De Whooper, Loop De Looper, Alley-Ooper Bounce.

29) You’ve ever found yourself wanting to strangle Caillou.

30) When you entertain, you tend to serve Hoodsies.

31) All of your second-story windows look like they’ve been outfitted for use in San Quentin.

32) You’ve ever said something and then worried that it might have been broadcast over a baby monitor.

33) There are little dinosaurs in your bathtub.

34) You’ve gone on a vacation that’s involved a giant plastic Humpty Dumpty.

35) Given your druthers, you’d prefer to hang out with a 2-year-old.
Erica at 10:57 AM

Monday, February 23

Happy Monday!

Its a beautiful day outside, my kids are itching to play in the snow.
And....they are so tired from all the activity, it looks like its going to be an early nap day!
Things are looking up!

Supper is cooking in the slow cooker, so that's one less thing to do later.
Time to just chill.
Erica at 11:13 AM

Saturday, February 21

Poop, poop, poop!

We had Mexican last night and our baby girl has two of the stenchiest poos I've ever smelt.
I'm not sure if the Guinness Book has anything in this area.
Perhaps a stink-o-meter???
But if there is such thing, there might be some money in this for me.....
hee hee hee
Erica at 5:25 PM

Thursday, February 19

Cutsie quotes from my daughters:

Yesterday in the car, said to my husband:

"My great, great grandpa is black!"

We have no idea where our two year old got this from...its true...but still....neither one of us have ever said anything about it but I guess she's just observing.

And this morning Isabella was asking for an apple (repeatedly) and it was getting on my nerves.
So I said, "Isabella can you have some patience".
And she says so sweetly, "No, I canned!"

Good point! She's only 18 months old, probably....she can't!

They are so cute!
Erica at 3:53 PM

Wednesday, February 18

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, and I've had trouble being my usual happy self.
So in an attempt to cheer up, I've compiled a list of things I'm grateful for....(in no particular order)

1.) My beautiful girls
2.) My beautiful husband
3.) My messy house....I could be homeless.
4.) My messy car....its too cold to bus it with two little tikes.
5.) My internet bill, it means I have access to the outside world.
6.) Being tired from my job, it means I have a job....which I love by the way.
7.) My dishwasher *sniff, sniff* I get teary-eyed thinking about how much I love that thing.
8.) My family....they are great people and wonderful friends.
9.) My library card (no, I'm not reaching, I really love the library)
10.) My new washing machine....going to the laundromat in the winter would be awful.
11.) My friends at church, they really are a fascinating group of women.
12.) Not being rich....I know my friends like me for me and NOT my money....hee hee hee
13.) My relationship with lets me know I'm worth something even when I'm not.
14.) Today's means spring will arrive sometime in the next 3 months...NOT 4 or 5 months!
15.) My membership at the keeps me sane in the winter. My kids are healthy and happy, and have a place to run.

Wow! I really feel better already. Back to the laundry....
Erica at 9:09 AM

Tuesday, February 17

I did 15 minutes of pilates.
My abs hurt!

That's good sign I think.

I think I'll try to do the Tae-Bo thing tomorrow.
I'm now trying to do 15 minutes of exercise everyday.
I figure its gotta help somewhat, and what is 15 minutes.

Oh, and I'm also reading a couple chapters of the Bible everyday, I'm now in Exodus.

Let's see how long this "good girl" thing lasts.
But as far as giving up carbs, ferget it! I love my ketchup chips.
Erica at 3:54 PM

Monday, February 16

Ahhhhhhh! Monday, life resumes order after the chaos of the weekend.

I've read to my girls from 7-7:30am (according to the little schedule I have on the wall)
Now I've got from 7:30-8:00 am while they watch a veggie tales to look at my agenda and plan my week.

But instead of planning, I'm here blogging. Well, the effort is there at least.
I'm trying to get more organized to rid my life of the "Help! I'm on a treadmill kind of feeling".
It reminds me a little bit of my friend Sean's hamster when we were growing up.
He (Sean, not the hamster) had a clear plastic ball he'd put the hamster in and it would run all over the place without ever leaving the ball. So he was going somewhere, but staying in the same place.
Somedays I feel like that hamster.....whoa! That was deep!

Rebecca woke up at 3am and 3:30am, DJ put her back in her bed at 4:30am and then Isabella woke up at 6am.
Needless to say, I'm feeling a little tired this morning.

And at 6am this morning, in my delirium I had a revelation. I HATE housecleaning. I hate it. I do it because I don't want germs and dirt to build up to the point where my kids get anthrax but I really hate it. Again, like the hamster....going around in circles but never really get anywhere. (Wow! that metaphore is great on so many levels).
I can clean and clean, but in the'll just get messy again. Where is the POINT in this, beside preventing your kids from getting anthrax?) I just don't see it!
Erica at 8:02 AM

Friday, February 13

I'm excited.
My friend (the web-goddess) got MSN messenger set up for me.
Now I just have to learn how to use it!
Erica at 1:34 PM

Thursday, February 12

Work was great tonight.
There were lots of kids and they are getting very comfortable with me.

Its amazing to me how teens open up just like little kids even though
they are close to being adults.
Even if they are getting older, they still need so much attention and assurance.
And a little love goes a long way.

It makes me wonder what is going on in their homes that they are so desparate for love. If you show you care for them, they open up and a spark of life lights up their eyes.

I have the most amazing job. So often the rewards of what I do FAR outweigh the wages I am paid to do this work.
What a blessing!
Erica at 11:01 PM

Wednesday, February 11

I've just been looking at our money situation.
Paying bills, looking at credit card bills etc.

I think I need some liquor!
Something really strong!
If I took a shot before crunching the numbers, things must not get paid but at least I'd feel better about doing it.
If I took a shot after the bills, I'd feel about spending money on liquor when we can't afford it....for a few minutes anyway.

Before, definitely go with before......hee hee heee
Erica at 3:15 PM

Tuesday, February 10

My mennonite blood must be pumping thru' my veins right now.
I don't know why, I just felt like baking today.

But not just plain baking, serious mennonite baking!
I made Zweiback, mennonite buns!

I was a little shocked at how time consuming it is though.
I told D.J. I wouldn't have the patience to be a pioneer, cause back in the day, everything took so long!

So, he said if I wanted he'd get me a bread maker.
I'm honestly not sure if I should be insulted or not. hee hee hee
and the practical side of me says, "hmmmm....that might be nice. I like the smell and taste of fresh bread, and it might save a few $"

Who will win out in this drama? In this conflict of wills, does common sense beat out dramatic tantrums? We know which voice is louder, but which one will persevere?
Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Young Restless Voices in Erica's Head"
Erica at 5:44 PM

Monday, February 9

Today was a great day.
What have I said all along?
Mondays are great! I LOVE Mondays!

I just had a very long meeting for work but lots got accomplished and that's a good feeling.
Now I'm off to my volleyball game!

Good Luck to me!
Erica at 6:54 PM

Sunday, February 8

A revelation of God's character, in whatever form it comes can be a humbling thing.

God is faithful... I am not.
God is good to everyone, all the time... I am not.
God is gentle and always puts others first...I don't.
God is wise in every situation...I'm not.
God is always keeps His promises...I don't.
God is selfless I'm not.

His omnipotence makes me feel so small, stupid, unworthy, selfish and crude.
But He loves me.
That's the kicker.
I don't know if I'll ever get my head around WHY God loves me.
I guess you just have to look at it as a "just because" kind of thing.
He does because He does, He is because He is and that's all.
Erica at 6:27 PM

Saturday, February 7

Rebecca is so funny. Total type-A personality.
She has to be able to do everything she sets her mind to.

Yesterday, when I asked why she was crying, she told me, "because I can't do a back-flip".

I tried not to laugh as I explained to her that most 2 year olds can't do backflips, and that
mommy can't do a back flip, but if she keeps practising, someday she'll be able to do a backflip.

I just think its such a funny thing a) to want to do and b) to cry about not being able to do.
She's a character.

Maybe tomorrow she'll be upset that she can't fly a plane! This I'll say for her, she's not afraid to dream BIG!!!!
Erica at 11:40 AM

Friday, February 6

I'm fake-bakin'!!!!

Last year in February I was so sick of the cold, I went to a tanning place and bought some minutes so
I could sit under the "sun" and warm up!!!!

Well, I hardly ever had time to use the minutes I bought, and I remembered I bought it in Feb.
So I called to see if there was an expiry date, yep it expires in 17 days.

So I have 17 days to tan for 97 minutes.

Can't waste money so I'm going to start tanning really fast.
It'll be my version of a Mexican beach holiday.

Erica at 8:58 AM

Thursday, February 5

Glen Murray has a plan for Winnipeg....the new deal, then the newer deal, now the newest deal.

Well, I have a plan too. Here it is.

We need to encourage people to move to Manitoba. They keep complaining that we can't keep professionals here and people don't want to move here.

People are depressed in the winter and everyone is complaining about how cold it is. They start doing light therapy, psychotherapy and popping prozac like candy.

So my solution is this, every winter we give every person in Manitoba $10,000 for surviving the winter. That's it. Just for surviving.

People would be whistling while they shovel their driveways instead of grumbling.
In September you'd hear, "Yes, winter is coming! Woo-hooo! I love winter!" or "When is winter coming? I could really use the cash."

It'd be a financial reward, but also a badge of honor. I survived another Winnipeg Winter. And I have $10,000 to prove it.

Where should the money come from?
I haven't worked that out yet. Oh, I know. Property values would sky rocket. People would pay tons to live in Manitoba. So you could tax people who are moving into Manitoba. Yeah.

O.K. I admit I haven't worked out all the bugs yet. But I think its a start.
Knowing there was $10,000 at the end of winter would make me less likely to jump off the disraeli bridge because I have to put my kid's snowsuits and boots on AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! And fight with little fingers to get them into mittens ONE MORE TIME, when I know that they're just going to pull them off in 5 seconds anyway.
Yeah, $10,000 MIGHT be worth that frustration.
Erica at 4:21 PM

Wednesday, February 4

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! My ears are burning!!!!
I supervised a bunch of teenage boys at the drop-in last night, and listening
to their conversation about girls.........uuuugggghhhhh....

Is that REALLY how teenage boys think girls and about sex????? GROSS!!!!
My innocence is sullied beyond repair!

Penis this, penis that. (they didn't use the word penis tho' they have much more explicit and imaginative terms for this) Mind in the gutter, no respect for their female friends, the rape drug...what a great invention etc etc

As a parent of two DAUGHTERS, this frightens me.
Perhaps its time to convert to Catholicism so I can send them to a convent as soon as they hit puberty.

I said to the group of boys, "If this is the opinion you have about girls, I'm sending my girls to a convent." They replied, "So you want your kids to turn out as lesbians? Convents turn girls gay."

They do????
Erica at 10:00 AM

Tuesday, February 3

Rebecca has been telling me to "take ONE pill" all the time since she's seen me
taking all the pills since my dental surgery.

She understands that I was hurt so today she was telling me that mommy had an owie.
So I asked where.
She replied.
On her face....pause...oh and on her eyebrow!

Hee hee hee
Erica at 2:42 PM

Monday, February 2

I think being a stay-at-home is much like being a hired assassin.

Yes. Its true.

Everything we do is by trial and error.

We must be able to read the next move of our target, and always be one step ahead.
For this to perfect, we must practise surveillance, and watch the "mark" at all hours to
figure out what they are thinking.

We work under extemely stressful circumstances at all times and must be prepared for anything.

We wait for the perfect opportunity to shoot training into the mark.
And its always a matter of life or death, to our children's emotions, spirits, and personalities.
We have the power to give life or bring death with our words.

The only difference is that we don't make $50 G per hit.

So, in short. I've decided what I want to be when I grow up.
Yep, a hired hitman. Who would suspect me? (besides people who've read this blog?)
A mild mannered house wife and mother by day, and hired political assassin by night.

The hours are good. It only takes a few minutes. Travel, excitement.....
Only one problem, I haven't yet worked up enough immorality to eat a grape at the store without paying for it.
So I'm not sure how well I'd do with the guilt of murder.
Maybe I'll re-think this.
Erica at 9:22 AM