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Tuesday, October 31

I.T. Chicks in the Making...

My girls were telling me how easy it is to "do computers".
They've figured it all out!

Rebecca: You just click on stuff and if you get something you don't want then you click the X at the top. See? Its easy!

Isabella: I know how to use computers, you just click twice and then have patience!

Erica at 9:14 PM

Monday, October 30

Rebecca Anne...

Rebecca is such an easy girl to love. She is a joy to raise as she is kind, considerate and obedient. Once you tell her a rule, she will always remember and will never forget what you said. She is smart, lovely and do well in whatever she sets her mind to.

A few posts back, I expressed my emotions for Isabella digitally and I want to do the same for my Rebecca. What do you say about a kid who has all the potential in the world, and the abilities to do whatever she wants to do?
You could say "thanks for being such an easy kid to raise."
Or "thanks for all the times you've made me so proud to be your mom."
Or "I love you, I'm proud of you and don't ever change."

Mostly you want a kid like this just to know that they are loved, and they don't always have to try so hard. I want Rebecca to be blessed with joy...

Erica at 4:24 PM

Friday, October 27

10 Reasons to Be Happy...

Sometimes its good to just back away from the chaos of life and get some perspective.
Therefore although I'm tired, and (slightly) cranky, I will focus on the good.

1. My mom is here visiting right now so I can spend time with her
2. I have wonderful, healthy, happy kids
3. I have a husband who loves me and genuinely cares that I've been working hard
4. I live in Canada - a land of plenty- there is no question of my physical needs being met
5. I have fun, generous and kind siblings whose company I enjoy
6. I have a house to clean (its a mess but I'm focussing on the positive here)
7. I have a job that I love when I choose not to stress out about it
8. I have great friends who love me, and call to tell me so!
9. I have a great mother-in-law who is always there to help me so I can work
10. Last but not least, I have faith in a God who loves me

What's on your list?
Erica at 3:32 PM

Tuesday, October 24

Isabella Dei...

What do you do with a girl like Isabella? She is funny, loud, clever,cuddly, messy, silly, sweet, and stubborn. She won't do anything you want her to do but she will spontaneously find a way to touch your heart just because she loves to love people.

I guess the only thing you can do with a girl like that is fall in love.

Erica at 11:39 AM

Practical Wisdom...

For anyone who has read my blog for any length of time will know two things about me:

My job is to develop & impliment resources for disenfranchised youth
(fancy talk for help out youth who have "issues" and therefore act naughty in the community)
Two: I am a Christian
(fancy talk for someone who loves God)

When these two passions in my life come together, I get very excited.
This morning I read in my Bible a passage that was inspiring to me as it provided practical wisdom on how to deal with youth. I will share the divinely inspired word with the world.

2 Kings 2:23-24
From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some youths came out of the town and jeered at him. "Go on up you baldhead!" they said, "Go on up you baldhead!" He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths.
Who says there isn't practical wisdom in the Bible?

Erica at 8:26 AM

Monday, October 23

Responsible Adult Stuff...

Tomorrow there will be some adult stuff going on in Winnipeg.
Its election time.

(aside- kind of ironic that I associate elections with being an adult thing when many of the things the politicians are doing and saying are actually quite childish!!!)

I have set aside some time this morning to read all the platforms for the trustees in my ward, and the city councillors in my district. I want to make an informed decision and be responsible with my right to participate in the election.

Interestingly, I was thinking about what has been in the news (mostly American) lately about media management. (another aside - media management is actually a part of the grade nine curriculum in Manitoba so its not really new information per se)

It seems that Americans are stunned that their media sources can not be trusted. Shocking!
Can you imagine that there are people who want them to vote a certain way and will sway the stories to that end? Unfathomable.

Perhaps something to consider as I read my paper's version of each of the candidate's goals and promises. Perhaps they never said that, perhaps they have been misquoted. Can I trust what I am reading? I think I can since its the Herald (local area paper that is free) and I don't think they have ties to any major political party. No hidden agenda that I can detect, although you never know.

So here is the question of the day:
When it comes to voting, if you can't trust the media; (from which you get all your information about the candidates) on what should you rely when making your decisions?
Chance? Roll the dice and whoever gets the highest shake wins my vote.
Erica at 8:28 AM

Saturday, October 21

Inexplicably Melancholy...

Today I feel sad. No particular reason I can think of to be sad.
Just the way it is.

How odd.
Erica at 5:28 PM

Tellin' Like It Is...

I posted the other day about my kids being honest, and Deanna asked if there was a story behind the post. Good question Deanna, actually there is.

Awhile ago, I read my kids the story of Mary and Martha. For those who are not familiar with this tale, the basic idea is the following:

Martha was a type-A personality and I'm guessing a bit of a perfectionist. The two sisters were expecting company and Martha was going mental trying to get all the cleaning done, and prepare all the food for their guests. Her sister, Mary was not feeling driven to work, work, work. Mary loved being around Jesus and listening to him teach and talking with him. So basically, Martha gets pissed off and asks Jesus to give her a little justice ---"Hellllooooo!!! I'm doing all the work here, Mary just sitting on her butt. While you're chattin' it up with her, would you mind telling her to help me out a little?"
Rather than take her side, Jesus said that Mary was in the right. She didn't choose to be distracted by the details, but rather chose to spend her time in the search of truth and being friends with Jesus, which is a higher calling.

(biblical scholars can forgive my liberty with the scriptures or not, whatever, I don't care)

Both of my girls right away understood the meaning behind the story. They both said, I'm gonna be like Mary, she was kind, she was gentle etc.

A short while later, Isabella said to me, "You know soemthing sad mommy? You're a Martha."
She then gave me a big hug.

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. Since I started working again, I've been working, working working. When I'm not in a meeting, on the phone or computer, I'm cleaning, washing or cooking something. I'm not particularly peaceful or thoughtful as I try to fit everything into the hours that I am awake.

Her honesty and sadness have quite the impact on me.
Since she said that, I slowed right down. I've spent time reading to my kids again, listening to music, making rice krispie squares and generally just playing. My kitchen is a mess, it may stay that way today. I've invited the girl's cousins over to have a lego party! I'm making room for joy and life and being with friends.

I hope my daughters learn from my mistakes and always live life with a higher calling.
Erica at 11:07 AM

Thursday, October 19


One great thing about having little kids around is how honest they are. Its always a little kid who says to the pregnant woman, "why are you so fat?" Its always the little kid who asks a person of a different race why they are that color.

Little ones just say it like it is, and they are not too concerned with our egos. As adults we try to be polite, diplomatic and sensitive even if it means not being entirely honest with people. Kids will come right out and tell you if your breath stinks or if you have ketchup on your cheek.

I think its a built-in service God provides to adult to keep us humble. If you're taking yourself too seriously, who you gonna call? Ego-busters! They'll tell it to you straight.

While this trait in public can be quite embarassing, I think overall its a good thing and I'm glad my little girls speak their minds. Its one place I know the truth won't be sugar-coated.
One more thing I love about my kids.
Erica at 3:15 PM

Tuesday, October 17

3-2-1 Winter!!!

It is simply amazing how quickly the weather can change in Manitoba. One day its gardening in a sweater and the next the wind picks up and the snow is flying.

As the weather is turning cold, the mitts are taken out of storage. As bits of snow blow on the wind my kids walk with their tongues hanging out trying to "catch a taste of snow".

The signs are all here...
We're planning to insulate the attic for cold monthes ahead.
Winter boots and jackets are washed and ready for wear.
The last of the geese are gathering in formation for the long journey south.

As I witness these sure signs of winter, I have but one thought.
I wish I was a goose.
Erica at 11:25 PM

Sunday, October 15

Lesson Learned...

In learning there are several factors that affect how we learn:
1. What we already know to be true
2. What we don't know yet
3. Introduction of new information
4. What we can assimilate into our knowledge base ie. new information that we take in and learn from a lesson

Yesterday I learned a lesson while preparing my flower beds for winter. I went to the shed and got my garden gloves, my garden shears, my rake and some leaf bags.

What I already knew to be true - putting on garden gloves keeps your hands warm and safe from scratches.

What I didn't know yet - a wasp had decided that my garden gloves would be the perfect place to hibernate for the winter.

What I know now - a wasp can sting you multiple times before you figure out why your hand feels like its on fire, and remove your garden glove.

How I can apply this information in the future - checking your garden gloves which have been sitting in the shed for a month before you put them on is a good idea.

Lesson learned.
Erica at 8:51 AM

Thursday, October 12

Oui ou Non???

My daughter Rebecca is very proud of the French she has been learning at school. She likes to say different words, and ask me what they mean. It has been a joy to practise my french as well as watch her learn a new language.
Today as we walked to the bus stop, we had an amusing conversation.

Mommy: Rebecca, we don't have time to throw snowballs right now, how about we hurry so we don't miss the bus, and we can play in the snow after school?
Rebecca: Oui!
Mommy: So you would like that?
Rebecca: Oui! Um...mommy, how do you say 'no' in French?
Mommy: Non. (pronounced NO)
Rebecca: That's not French mom, that just regular.
Mommy: Actually it is French. No in English and Non in French sound the same.
Rebecca: Mommy, if you don't the answer, its okay you can tell me, you don't have to make it up.
Erica at 7:21 PM

Tuesday, October 10

Big Girl Pre-School...

My last post was about Rebecca's first day of kindergarten. That week there was another BIG event in our home. Isabella went back to pre-school but this time she is in the BIG kid class.

Here is Bella walking up to the school.

Holding her lunchbox by the front door.

Showing mommy where the shoes go, and finding the cubby where her name was.

Finding her square on the carpet, and ready for class to start...and for mommy to LEAVE!!!

This was a very exciting and BIG day, even though its already October before I posted. yikes!
Erica at 10:53 AM