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Monday, October 31

More Random Thoughts...
(In numerical order...ha ha ha)
  1. I decided today to spend "quality" time with my kids, and purposefully enjoy being with them. It worked, it was awesome. We baked cookies, danced, cuddled, read books, and played play-doh! Phew! I need a nap!
  2. I noticed yesterday that my bottled water has an expiry date on it. What is that about? Its water! Water doesn't go bad! What did they put in my water?
  3. Yesterday at church our pastor said some uncomfortable things. Its good for me to think about things that I am more comfortable ignoring. He even used the *em em* (H-E-double hockey sticks) word. Not a pleasant topic and easily avoidable in today's church. I'm glad he's not afraid of people might think and is willing to say what needs saying. It reminded me of what Noel Isaacs (a pastor from Nepal) said about our lives in Winnipeg. (I'm paraphrasing) "How do we ever find God with our lives full of so many comforts and idols that keep us distracted"? It is important to think about eternity and values.
  4. I am learning how to run "properly". That is, how to run without pounding the poop out of my knees. Just to clarify, that is an expression...there is no real poop in my knees.
  5. Speaking of poop. Yesterday we took the kids swimming at the Y. While we enjoying the family pool, they had to shut down the big pool "Due to a Fouling". ie..someone pooped in the pool! Gross!!!!

Erica at 12:31 PM

Saturday, October 29

Shallow End of the Pool...

Okay, re-reading yesterday's post (as well as its comments) I realized that was ALOT of thought/information. I put several days of my pondering into one post.
So for those who don't like just jumping into the Deep End of the is a little something from the shallow end...

Image hosted by
"The wear pattern on your shoes suggests you watch too much t.v."
hee hee hee
Erica at 9:44 AM

Friday, October 28

Social Fabric...

I remember listening to the horror stories about the "fabric of society" coming unraveled with the advent of sex education in schools, acceptance of unwed mothers, or alternative lifestyles etc.

There are many Fundamentalist Christian Organizations who talk about the days when the Bible was textbook and people could raise their children without sparing the rod!
While I am not about to pick up a pitch-fork and drive those "bleeding heart liberals" out of town in an attempt to return the strap and the Lord's prayer to school... I do think there is some truth to the basic tenets of the "good old days".

Let me give some context to these WILD statements!
I grew up in a town that was about 10 years behind the rest of Canadian society, in a church that was about 12 years behind the town. So when I moved "down south" to Winnipeg I moved about 22 years into the future, into a completely different culture (both ethnically and chronologically).
I moved to a school where they had people called "vegetarians", where religion class was not apart of curriculum in public schools and "gay" did not mean happy.
So I spent half my childhood in Fundy-Heaven and half of it in a more liberal, tolerant social climate (what might be termed Fundy-Hell).
Therefore, during my turbulent childhood I've had teachings from both doctrines. As an adult I'm thinking about the "truthes" that have been passed on to me from both sides of the coin.

What I like about the Fundies:
I do think that the Bible is the word of God. I believe it is full of wisdom (which people from many different religions also believe) and that following it will bring life, truth, wisdom and even prosperity to people. I do see a connection between taking the Lord's Prayer out of school and some of the junk that has let into the schools. The lack of covering, increased violence, etc. However, do I think this is the only source of trouble in society today?
Absolutely not.
I think many "old-fashioned" churches had such control over past generations, that those who fled this judgement came to believe that no-control is better than shameful judgement. Those "refugees" from the church have parented their children according to these beliefs. As a result we are seeing teenagers with no self-control, no respect for authority (authority and control are seen as one entity) and distrust of anything to do with God or the church.
Am I blaming church for the state of society right now?
Absolutely not.

What I like about "The Bleeding Hearts":
I love the idea of tolerance. I like the idea that one mistake/one sin doesn't mean you have to live the rest of your life in shame, ignoring the whispers behind your back. eg. "Did you hear she had a baby before she was married?" I love the idea of trying to make a place for everyone.
I love the idea that the earth matters. I like the idea of not fearing people who are from other religions. However, does this mean that I have to accept the claims of other religions as my own? Do I need to believe sex outside of marriage, violence, drug-use or homosexuality are acceptable lifestyles? How do I accept a paradigm of tolerance and still adhere to the principles laid out in the Bible? Are Christians in-tolerant? Must Christians compromise their beliefs to love those whose religion is tolerance but whose lifestyles clearly break Biblical law? How far will Humanism go in abolishing Christian dominion/oppression(?) before there is no fabric of Canada left to unravel? Where does tolerance stop and say, "that's not okay"?
Am I blaming liberal view points for the down-fall of society?
Absolutely not.

I am processing out-loud some of the questions I have about the patterns I am seeing in Canada.
I see policies being made that clearly go against the grain of Christian beliefs. I hear grumblings about these changes but no clear voices speaking up in rebuttal.
Are Christians still the majority or do we just assume they are when we grumble about the changes in politics? If there are still more Christians in Canada than any other group, where is their voice? ( the 2001 Canadian Census, 22, 851, 825 claimed to be Christians...see side bar for comparisons to other religious followings).

These are my thoughts today...I hope I haven't offended anyone on either side of the coin. I'm just trying to figure out what I think. In the middle of these two forces who both want me to buy in, where do I find truth? Or do I toss out both , try to find God and forget about religion altogether?
Erica at 3:19 PM

Thursday, October 27

Nursery School Costume Day...

Today at the girl's nursery school the kids got to dress up in their costumes and go on a tour of a grocery store. After they were dressed up, they let me know that I can call them by their new names....Princess Melly (Bella) and Princes Kelly (Becca).

As usual I took some pictures of the princesses in costume. So I present to you, their
Royal Highnesses Princess Kelly & Princes Melly...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

And the two together:
Image hosted by
Erica at 3:50 PM

Tuesday, October 25

Stairs and Other Brain Farts...

"Stairs" is the winner in the public opinion poll on which photo is best! This suits me just fine as it is the one I had also chosen. Thanks for voting, loyal commentors! :)

I realized today that I cook like a true Winnipegger--yesterday I made Chinese, tonight I made Mexican and tomorrow I'm making Ukranian (perogies). If you throw in moose stew and a bannock burger I could run for Miss Folklorama!

This morning Isabella woke up from a nightmare about me and Rebecca leaving her behind. I explained that it was a dream, we were both home and it never really happened. She started laughing about how silly it was to cry about a dream which isn't really real. She is so interesting to parent! Rebecca's bad dreams tend to affect her mood all day and its NOT funny!

Rebecca is always making interesting observations, she doesn't miss anything! I told her today that I think she is really smart, and she asked if she was smarter than me. When I told her "not yet but someday you will be", she replied, "Yeah, you're right. You're still smarter than me, but I think I'm smarter than MOST four year olds." Yes! Smart and Humble!

Had a laugh in the YMCA change room today. A lovely little Ukranian Baba was changing while her 5 year old grandson wandered around. She wanted to make sure he wasn't bored while she changed I guess, and this was her method of entertainment. "Nicholas! Sit here and have a banana! Nico! Have a nice sandwich Baba make for you! My Nico! Here is some juice! Sweet boy have a cookie! Would you like a granola bar, Baba has more juice in her bag there." Finally, boredom got the better of him. He hopped off the bench and up onto the scale, asking his Baba to weigh him. She weighed him and said, "Nicholas! You are 52 pounds! That is too much for a boy your age!" I just lost it and burst out laughing. Baba didn't realize that she was the source of my entertainment, she was too busy pulling a turkey and mashed potatoes out of her pocket for Sweet Nico!

We are house hunting and praying and house hunting some more, we really want to seek God and do this thing right! In a spare moment, please pray for us.

Saw a play the other day, and they had one scene where a character is talking about her mother's funeral. I started crying because I missed my sad am I? By the way, my mother is not dead, only in Holland but if she were dead, my three year old already has dibs on her family ring! (See a few posts back for details!)

In the bath today Isabella was standing up to place her foam animals on the wall (who she informed me were biting each other's butts). I told her to sit down as I didn't want to see her slip and fall down. She suggested I look the other way!!! *What am I going to do with her? Once again, its pretty hard to discipline while laughing!!!*

Erica at 7:42 PM

Monday, October 24

Public Opinion Poll...

Which of the following pictures do you like best?
(I've already decided which I like best and will be using as our Christmas card so you can be honest, once I've made up my mind, I don't change it!!!)
Which do you like???

A) Stairs
Image hosted by
B) Pillar
Image hosted by
C) Bench
Image hosted by

Do Tell....
Erica at 6:34 PM

Sunday, October 23

Creative Genius...

More awsome shots from the photographer (Will Au) who is a creative genius!
Go see him now before he's famous and WAY too expensive for you to afford!!!
Here are some creative shots he did as we were leaving...

Bella and me walking away...
Image hosted by

DJ holding Rebecca's hand...
Image hosted by

DJ and I sitting together (let me just say that I NEVER like pictures of myself and this I like, that is in and of itself a miracle---Will is just THAT good!!!)...
Image hosted by
Erica at 7:27 PM

She Oughta Be in Pictures...

Yesterday we got our family portraits done for our Christmas cards. We had an awesome photographer who took some beautiful pictures. I'll post more later but for now I will just post one of my beautiful daughter Rebecca. She is so lovely, it amazes me from time to time!

Image hosted by
Erica at 12:37 PM

Friday, October 21

Thought of the Day...

I had a thought.

It is gone now.

I was too busy the rest of the day to have another one.

This post is like a fisherman's story about the one that got away.

"You should have heard the thought. It was awesome. My thought was so deep and wise, it would have blown your mind! But poof! One distraction and it was gone! Gone like the wind in my head..."
Erica at 8:34 PM

Thursday, October 20

Crazy Craft...

Today my girls each made a paperbag puppet at school. Bella was fine with hers. She played with it for a little while and then got bored with it.

Rebecca has a little better attention span than that. She is now speaking THROUGH the puppet. I no longer speak to Rebecca but I have a recyclable container for a daughter.
I can keep up with talking through a third party if it were a regular puppet but this one has
multiple personalities. She has one character named Matisha, one named Salsa and one named
Kelsey. That is too many puppets for me to keep track of who I am talking to.

The puppet had an orange at snack time!
I'm not sure how far to let this go. Does puppet get a seat at the table for dinner? Does puppet get its own room? Do I have to put away money in a college fund for puppet? Where will it all end??????
Erica at 3:14 PM

Wednesday, October 19

Ask Not, Want Not...

While we were gone to Lake Louise, my mom took care of my kids. She told me a story which occured one night at supper time. I think the story is worth repeating...

As the girls were eating their food, Rebecca noticed Grandma's opal ring.
She commented, "I like your ring. Its very beautiful."
This comment drew Isabella's attention to Grandma's fistfull of rings.
Isabella looked at each of the rings and chose her favorite.
She pointed to the garnet family ring and blurted out,
"I like THAT one best! Can I have it when you are DEAD???"

Isabella, Isabella, Isabella!!! What a kid! I can't believe she said that!
Well, on the bright side, she never leaves you guessing as to what she wants.
Erica at 10:40 AM

Monday, October 17

A Proud Moment...

Well, my little girl is on the road to literacy!!! I am so proud of Rebecca! She was working very hard on writing her letters while we were away. She showed her daddy last night that she can write her name. I'm so proud, I thought I would show the world her new talent...

Image hosted by

She also taught her little sister how to say our phone number. That may not seem like a big deal but it is. D.J. and I have been trying to teach Isabella how to recite our phone number for about 3 weeks without success. Suddenly this afternoon, she recited it correctly, and informed me that REBECCA taught her!!!

They are getting so big and indepedent!!! Wow! Exciting stuff!
Erica at 9:06 PM

Sunday, October 16

Through the Ears...

There is the old saying "Through the Eyes of a Child" but today I witnessed something "through the ears of a child!".

On the way to church, a song came on the radio and Isabella got very excited.
She was all jittery telling me this was HER song, "Mommy! They are playing MY song. This song is about me!!!"

I listened as she sang along....

I am three to run
I am three to dance
I am three to live for you
Ohhhhh! I AM THREE!!!
Yeah...I am THREE!!!

Actual lyrics.....I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you...

Hee hee hee

She was sooooo excited, there was no way I was going to correct her.
I just said, "Yup! They are playing your song!"
Erica at 10:14 PM

Thursday, October 13


As I am in a land where the names of places revolve around explorers, it seems fitting that I post about some discoveries I have made here in the mountains.

1. If Australia ever declares war on Canada I have discovered where the Aussies are hiding their troops....they all work at the Chateau Fairmont in Lake Louise!!! There are more Australians here than you can shake a stick at! (which I wouldn't recommend---if you throw a stick at an Aussie, it'll come right back at ya and smack ya the noggin')

2. When you are face to face with a mountain, it is impossible NOT to look up! Its like passing the scene of an can't look away and you can't look down.

3. People from Brazil think Canadians are nice and cool!!! (Well, that's not really a discovery, its just the truth).

4. Charging $6.00 for a bottle of Evian is NOT illegal! Who knew?

5. If you ever see an Asian tourist without a camera around their neck, you should take a picture! Its an rare experience! Yesterday morning I thought I saw lightening across the lake, it was just a tourist group passing through! FLASH! FLASH!! FLASH!!!
(ps..I hope this isn't a racist remark, its just an observation...Asians seem to like cameras, like how Canucks like beer....just an observation!!!)
Erica at 9:22 AM

Monday, October 10

We're Off...

My clothes are packed. My house is clean. My kids are in bed. My mom is here.

Nothing to do but wait for my mother-in-law to pick us up and take us to the airport at 5 am.

.....We're off to see the mountains.....the wonderful mountains of Alberta......
Erica at 10:00 PM

Saturday, October 8

Another Bella Moment...

Yesterday I put the girls in the van to go pick up D.J. after work.
I'm just driving along and I hear Bella from the back seat,
"Hey mom! Look how I feel! I'm sick!" Then she starts to giggle uncontrollably.

I look in the rear view mirror to see my three year old's face covered in little colored dots.

She managed to find a bunch of small, round, colored stickers and hid them in her jacket while we got in the van for her "surprise". While I was driving she put them all over her face.

I asked if she had chicken pox, she said, "No, just plain ones!"
(Watch for Plain Pox, the dots are not just red, they are green, red, yellow and blue!)
Erica at 11:03 AM

Thursday, October 6

What's So Funny....

If I tried to blog all of the things that Isabella does that are funny, I would be sitting in front of this computer all day long!!! She is so silly and cute that she is always making us smile.
So I will sum up some of the silliness from the last 24 hours and then I'll add some all-time greatest hits of Bella-Boo-Boo!!!

(Maybe I should consider adding a daily Bella quote on my blog!!!)

Bella's Silliness in the Last 24 Hours:
  • We were playing with play-doh and I saw that she had something in her mouth. I began to scold her, "Belllllaaaaa!!! Did you put play-doh in your mouth?" She smiled at me proudly (being innocent of the accusation) and said, "Nooooo mommy! I didn't! Its just a booger!"
  • She layed backwards on the couch with her head hanging upside down and shouted, "Hey everyone look at me! I GOT CRAAAAA---ZZZY HAIR!!!" (Her curls turn into an afro)
  • She asked what we're going to eat for lunch. I told it was chicken and salad. With a big grin, she held up her hands (for dramatic effect), exclaiming, "Phew! I'm glad its not chicken poo!"
  • Before her nap today she piped up, "Hey mom know what? If daddy didn't sleep with you, you'd be really sad." I turned quite red and asked what she meant. She replied, "You know if had that big bed all by yourself at night, you'd be sad and you would wander around the house yelling, "DJ! DJ! Come in my bed with me!" (Where she got that idea in her head, I'll never know!)
  • At bathtime last night she informed me, "I think I'm a big girl now mom, I can clean my own BUN!!!" (bum) hee hee hee

These are things she has done and said in the last 24 hours so you see how I can't keep up with recording her wit, however I will try to do justice to some of my all-time favorite Bella moments.

  • Going around on the little horse carousel at the mall, she had a big grin on her face (the one where she has a joke forming in her little head) and said, "Are we there yet?"---Get it? She was going around in circles!!!
  • Once D.J. was on the phone with his work, and Bella was making obnoxious "lalalala" noises. He told to her to be quiet as he was on the phone, he then got out of the car to go into the ATM and she started her noises again. I turned around and asked her to stop the noises (as it was annoying) and she retorted, "WHY? Are YOU on the phone??"
  • After spending the day with her Grandma (my mom) she informed me that "Grama-mama doesn't love her". I asked what made her think that. She answered, "She says mean sings (things) to me". Intriqued, I pressed on, "Really what kind of mean things"? Bella replied, "You know mean sings like, Come on Bella! Its time to go now!" (She was having fun with her little friends and didn't want to go yet!!!) YESS!!! DRAMA-QUEEN!!
  • When she was just 1 1/2 I was busy in her room picking up her toys and clothes and making her bed. She sighed as she said, "Mommmm! Nooo! Stop! You daa-wiving me caa-waaazy!" (Even as a little toddler, she liked to wallow in her messes)
  • This summer at the cabin, when Rebecca's little butt was exposed, Bella said, "Rebecca! You have a white butt!" She slapped her white butt and ran away laughing!

Erica at 3:25 PM

Slow Dancing in a Mine Field...

Lately I'm feeling like I need to watch where I step. The pressure of home, work, kids, finances, and relationships leaves me feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. When I am tired and overwhelmed, I find it easy to give into feelings of lonliness or depression.

So in the middle of the fray, I've been doing the only thing I can think of to keep my head above the waters of frustration and my heart out of the mire of hopelessness.
Each day this week, when I've felt overcome by all the "gotta do this, gotta do that" I leave it all where it is and sit at my keyboard. I start to play the piano and sing, and pour it all out before God. I shift my focus off all the stuff I should be doing, and come empty-handed looking for love. I have yet to be dissappointed.

My circumstances are demanding and difficult and one mis-step could set off a bomb of failure or dissappointing someone somewhere. My mind tells me I should get out my organizer and study the "mine field"...where can I be more effecient? Where can I cut out or deligate something that needs doing to someone else? How can I avoid all these potential explosions?

My heart knows better than my head.

I'm going to grab onto Jesus with all my might and let Him lead.
I'm going to stand on His feet and let Him worry about where we step.
I'm going to lay my head on His chest and find rest.
I'm going to close my eyes and trust that He knows where every potential disaster lays, and He can dance our way around it.
I'm going to listen to the music of heaven and hear the lullaby that soothes my frenzied emotions.
I'm going to slow dance in the mine field of my life.
Erica at 10:54 AM

Tuesday, October 4

History Buff...

I am a bit of a history buff. Looking into the past helps me understand why things are the way they are.

If you find local history (here in Manitoba) interesting.
Here is a neat site I found.

You can click on it everyday and it has a different historical photo each day.
The site is run by the Manitoba Historical Society.

Click HERE to check it out.
Erica at 11:27 AM

Mommy Goggles...

You see young men running around in T-shirts that say, "Drink til she's pretty".
This accurately describes the "beer goggles" phenonmenon. Sadly, people trying to "hook up" in bars are not concerned about character, personality or intelligence.
It is simply a question of physical appearance, and even this quality can be altered by the appropriate amount of alcohol. When you are too drunk to see straight, everyone around could be a supermodel. Another "meat market" one night stand is born.

While I never participated in the beer goggles bar scene myself, I feel I have been sucked in by an even more powerful force...Mommy Goggles!!!

Sometimes I am so intoxicated with my girl's charm and loveliness, I can't see straight.
I can be such a sucker!

One thing that I value very highly is humor and Isabella has discovered that she is very funny. She knows how to make me laugh, and it difficult to scold someone while rolling on the floor in hysterics.

Now, this wouldn't be a problem if she was stupid. However, she is not stupid and has quickly learned how to use this talent to her advantage. The dreaded "comedic manipulation" has found its way into my home and its spreading....

My husband had no trouble punishing her as he does not particularly share Isabella's sense of humor. (Well, he's onboard with the poo-poo jokes, because what male isn't?)
However, this morning, he too fell prey to her wild and savage wit. He left for the bus shaking his head and laughing, trying to figure out what to do with this girl.

I've been married to my guy for 8 years and I'm still not sure when he will laugh, but Isabella managed to tickle his funny bone in 3 short years.

She is good.
Erica at 9:49 AM

Monday, October 3

Q & A...

What could make a woman happier than buying a new pair of shoes?

Buying four pairs of new shoes!!!

Wal-mart had their end of season sale on summer shoes and sandals.
I got 4 pairs of shoes for $20.
I'm a happy camper or happy shopper. Whatever.
Erica at 3:12 PM

Saturday, October 1

Spending It...

We sold our car so now we have a bit of money which was in our hands for about 2 seconds.

No, we were not being irresponsible, but we paid off some debt. We then took a little extra and bought a couple of chairs from the wonderous wal-mart!

Now we don't have to sit on the floor or a bean bag chair when we watch t.v. and no more our little game when the phone rings. You know the one, "You get it" "No, you get it".

We also bought a bread maker.

Its Christmas in October!
Erica at 6:34 PM