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Wednesday, March 31

Today is such a lazy day.
My kids aren't feeling well due to their colds, which they shared with me!
So we're just lazing around, baking cookies. Taking a nap.

They are mostly playing quietly so I'm letting them have the t.v. on.
Sometimes you just gotta slow down and do nothing....
Erica at 11:09 AM

Tuesday, March 30

So here's what I've been pondering.....


In Numbers, when Miriam and Aaron get proud and start to challenge Moses because they too have prophesied, here's what God says....(I'm Hebrew is a little rusty...hee hee)

"When there is a prophet on the earth, I give him dreams and visions but with Moses, I speak to him face to face and speak plainly, not in riddles. Moses knows my form".

This has been on my mind for a number (pun intended) of days now.
I keep thinking about how in the perception of God, prophesy was trivial compared to relationship with Him. Who cares if you can hear God if you don't KNOW Him?

So this is what I've been praying for since I read that, I want to know God's form and hear His voice. To be like Jesus, who knew the Father...that's the ultimate goal, isn't it? Did Jesus even ever claim to be a prophet? No, but He said He was the Son of God. The Sonship is valued above being a prophet.

So this is the place I've come to. I want to experience the SONSHIP. Does this sound crazy??? The prophetic stuff can happen anyway, but that is not my goal.

And no what's funny? On Sunday night, after praying all week to meet face to face with God, Bob got up and said he felt God pulling people's faces to His so He could see them face to face. And Bob started naming off people he saw, but nope, not me.
What gives? I'm asking and a bunch of other people get what I'm looking for. Huh?

hee hee hee
Erica at 9:21 AM

Sunday, March 28

I hope people don't think I'm totally conceited when it comes to my kids.
Whenever I talk about my girls, it gives me such joy that I start to "bubble over".

I really DO think they are awesome and amazing individuals.
I'm fascinated by the ways they are the same and how they are different.

I'm proud of how well they get along with each other, and tickled by the way they bicker over silly things.

I'm amazed at how they share and take turns, and flabbergasted when they don't.

In every aspect of their little lives, they fascinate and overwhelm me. Feelings of pride, love, adoration, admiration, and frustration flood my life everyday.

So, it thrills me to be out in public and chat with other people about my life at home. I'm totally intrigued by what other people perceive about my children. And I'm so excited when others can see the joy my kids carry with them.

It doesn't occur to me until I'm home later, that people could be bored with talking about my kids. MAYBE the world doesn't revolve around my kids.....WHAT????

And its always in the reflective times I think, hmmmmm.....maybe I should thanks when people tell me how cute my kids are. Maybe, "I know" isn't an appropriate answer. But the truth is....I KNOW! I think they are freaking adorable. Not just physically, but all around SWEET.

So I apologize if I've ever bored you with stories about my kids. I seriously can not help it, I'm so in love with my girls. They are endlessly fasninating to me. And maybe I'm a little PROUD of how cute they are...I can't help it.

Here's my new goal. I'll save my joy over my kids for people who think they rock too. And if I see people start to get a little annoyed with my "kiddie conversation" I'll try to always have a current event on hand to talk about.....

So about that Iraq, eh? Doesn't that just suck?
The other day Isabella.....oh.....So what's the deal with Charles and Camilla?

There, so now I have a plan....
Erica at 11:45 PM

Friday, March 26

Whoa! I'm pooped this evening!
We had a fun-filled day, and now I'm plum-tuckered out!

Rebecca had her third birthday party in the morning.
Then I went home and cleaned up and we had a family party in the evening.

I think it went really well. How do I judge that?
My daughter was smiling the whole day! She was really excited, she ate lots of junk food that isn't good for her, and got spoiled rotten with presents. I'd say that qualifies as a good day.

We took tons of pics which I will post when I figure out how to do that.

Too tired for a new word of the day, but mungo means....oh crap! I forget.
I'll look it up again.....oh yeah.....wool of poor quality.
All right, who got it?
Put your hands up....Good!

A gold star for you!
hee hee
(hey wait, that's not, I need some sleep)
Erica at 10:50 PM

Thursday, March 25

You guys are getting to clever for me! :)
The four of you who voted for wishbone are correct. A furcula is a wishbone.

As to the request for phonetic spellings, I can't really do that because all the weird markings and stuff are not on my keyboard. Sorry Cindy.

Unless of course Yvonne has some computer magic I'm unaware of???
Erica at 4:02 PM

" are" I yelled from the upstairs bedroom.

"Watching Barney mommy" she replied from the living room on the main floor.

"Can you come here now?" I asked curiously as I wondered what was keeping her occupied for so long.

"Just a minute mommy", came the reply, "I'm painting".

WHAT??? I ran down the stairs, to find my lovely daughter covered in my lipstick. The shiny lavender gloss glistened on her chubby cheeks and lips.

"Look mommy I painted" her quiet girlie voice piped up, as she pointed to the hallway mirror covered in light purple lipstick, hand marks and smears as high up as she could reach".

Her smile quickly faded as she saw my strained reaction of horror. In place of a smile, her lip transformed into a swelled pout and big tears formed in her eyes.
"Oh mommy" she wailed "I didn't want your lipstick, I want my own".

The ridiculous scope of this situation struck my sense of the wonder with a well-timed wallup. I burst out laughing. "I'm not sure that this should be the appropriate time to ask me for a favor Rebecca" I chuckled as I wrapped my arms around her. I whispered, "You silly little miss" as I bent down and kissed her warm, wet cheek.

These are the moments you read about in Reader's Digest. Sometimes there is grace to laugh, even at messy mistakes! Sometimes.....
Erica at 10:17 AM

Wednesday, March 24

Geese! Geese! I heard Geese! A whole flock of them flying over my house!
Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Finally, its coming!

That's the happiest I've ever been to see a goose in my life!
It just seems like this has been the winter that wouldn't end but seeing those
geese! Yah!

I just got back from Breathe which was great. It was fabulous feeling so connected.
That was wonderful.

And as we played in the back yard, (its so nice out right now) I had a chat with Rebecca. I asked who she played with in the nursery and she said...
"Oh mommy, I played with Cherish. And with Anneka." pause "And I think Anneka is cute"!!!!

She cracks me up, my little girl and her opinions. She's funny.

ps Yesterday's word of the day: fordo means to overcome with fatigue. According to the stats, some of you knew that one, I think I need some harder words!
Erica at 12:50 PM

Tuesday, March 23

Things that make me laugh......

There is this party going on in my head that some people get invited to and other people...well, they just don't get it.

For those that don't get it, they think I'm weird.

For those that get it, they think I'm really fun!

I'm just learning to accept that, and let go of my need to have everyone LIKE me.
So if you like me, cool! Let's let loose, throw our heads back and howl.
And if you don't like me....... my deepest apologies.
I'll try harder.....hee hee heee

(what does Cindy always say? Baby steps, babysteps....)

Yesterday's word of the day Geminate means arranged in pairs.
Erica at 3:43 PM

Monday, March 22

ps yesterday's word of the day RESH is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet.
So 28% of you were correct!
Erica at 9:01 AM

I just did my TO DO list for today and it has 14 items on it. Ahhhhh!!!!

I may have to sacrifice some efficiency for my sanity and for time with my kids.
I was thinking (VERY EARLY) this morning about how I live my life.
Very fast paced, and efficient.

I learned well from my mother who is a very efficient multi-tasker. I pride myself on how much I can get done in a day.

The down side to this, is that I'm always tired and my kids get put on the back-burner far too often.
Mu husband can drive me crazy with his meticulous and slow ways, and how he only does ONE thing at a time! Urggggggg.....but its just that which makes him a great dad!

When he plays with the girls, they have his full attention.
I could stand to SLOW DOWN a little and be more like him.

Starting now.......I have only 2 of 14 things done on my list but I'm going to have a tea party with my daughters.......
Erica at 9:00 AM

Sunday, March 21

I did something "computery"!!! How's that for proper English?

Yvonne set up my mini-poll for word of the day and I actually managed to use it!
Wow! So now the Word of the Day will be on the mini-poll!!! So pro!

On a totally different topic:

In my marriage, I'm the unpredicable one. My husband is very stable, and reliable.
(which is what I like about him)
I'm the one who gives him an ulcer because he's always nervous about what I might do next. hee hee hee

So, its very rare that he is the one who throws me for a loop! But he did it last night. He asked me what I'd think about having a third child!!!! Whoa!!!!!

He's the one who said, "nope, no way, no more kids, we're done". And once he's made up his mind, its pretty much gonna stay that way.
So when he said that, YIKES!!! I was shocked.

I was like, "no way, not right now" but its really cool to know that door MAY be still open to us. Not now but maybe someday......
Erica at 8:59 AM

Saturday, March 20

My Rebecca is so sweet. She's gotten in the habit of making a little nest in various places around the house.

She'll go up to her room, and get her pillow off her bed, take her blankie (named bee) and another blanket. And make a nest on the couch or in the playroom, she'll just cuddle up and watch t.v. So sweet.

Yesterday was a good day, I'm starting to feel better, this miserable cold is dying out. We got our car back yesterday morning so we drove to my sister's and hung out with her in the morning.

Then Rebecca saw our car, and she was very concerned about it being dirty. (spring in Winnipeg is very dirty) So she insisted we go to the "soapwash" her word for carwash. So we did. That was fun.

Some other cute new words she has:

That knife is very shark.
I saw a pokeypine.
Let's go down to the spacement.
Our car needs the soapwash.
Erica at 7:54 AM

Thursday, March 18

I missed doing a word of the day yesterday, I was sooooo sick.
I'm still feeling kinda crappy so I'm just taking it easy.

Gonzo means BIZARRE.
ps Colleen, I like that song too. How bizarre, how bizarre....

And, soon for the word of the day, I'll be using the poll system that Yvonne put up.
I just haven't been up to learning how to do it yet. I'll get there.

Today's word of the day is.....

Too easy? Just wait...which of the following is NOT a meaning of portal?

a) entrance or door (let's just get that one out of the way)

b) communicating area of an organism

c) relating to the liver

d) a guide on a machine

Erica at 8:54 AM

Tuesday, March 16

So I'm planning my revenge for all those mornings when my kids wake up at 6am.

I'll just carry on playing with my little sweetheart, I'll smile and say, "Its okay, I had to get up sometime anyway, No Problem!"

Then when they're teenagers and they want to sleep in.
I'll wake them up at 6am on a Saturday morning.
First I'll whine, "I need some aaaaaaaaaapple juice."

Then when they ask why I'm getting them up so early, I'll just do what they did to me. Oh, I just wanted to get you out of bed so you could watch me put things in a boot and take them out again, for about 20 minutes.

Then when I'm done with the boot game. Maybe you could read me a book I've already got memorized a few hundred times.

Its gonna be great! Now all I have to do, is remember the plan....for about 15 years. This may be a problem as I usually can't remember things for 15 hours.

Oh, and for those of you who are playing.

Sunday's word of the day Routh means plenty.

Today's word of the day is.....

Gonzo (yes like the muppet for those old enough to remember)

Is it...

a) a type of cheese

b) to disappear

c) a musical tone

d) bizarre

Erica at 9:30 AM

Sunday, March 14

Wow! I just checked my blogsite and saw the voting on the word of the day thing.
That's awesome!

Thanks Yvonne! (I never would have been able to do something like that myself)
You're the web-goddess!

As for the correct answer for yesterday's word, it was e) both a and c.
Exigent means requiring immediate action and requiring much, or DEMANDING.

Now all you moms have a new word to use on your toddlers, and kids.
"Stop being so exigent!"

Today's word of the day is:


Does it mean...

a) plenty

b) tactful

c) humiliation

d) last name of worship leader, David Routh....hee hee hee

P.S. Mercy, umbelliferous is the from the New Latin umbelliferae meaning bearing umbels and the word was first printed in English in 1662.
Erica at 3:58 PM

Saturday, March 13

Those who commented, I'm glad you like the word of the day idea. I'm afraid I must inform you though, your interest in this might place you in the GEEK category. (If there were to be an inquiry, so we'll keep this on the Q.T.)

But just between us...."GEEK POWER! WHOO-HOO!!! POCKET PROTECTORS UNITE!!!!"
hee hee hee

The word of the day is:


Quiz (for those who care to do it):

Does it mean:

a) demanding and needing lots of energy (i.e. that toddler is exigent)
b) a man who has left the room
c) urgent, needing immediate attention (i.e. that toddler is exigent)
d) exciting
e) both a and c
Erica at 9:07 AM

Friday, March 12

In a previous blog, I admitted to the world that I am a closet geek.
(unless you already figured that out by looking at me, in which case, I'm just a geek)

Anyway, I love words and I have a fabulous dictionary that is so great. I got it when I took Greek and Latin in English course in University.
It gives the origins of all words in the english language.

D.J. thinks I'm a huge nerd when I pull out my HUGE dictionary, and he laughs at how fascinated I am with it. I love languages of all kinds.

My point, I'm going to put a word of the day on my blogsite so I can share my passion for words with you.

So my blog will not only entertain but educate.

(At least I'll do it til I get bored of it!)

Today's word is.....*drumroll*....... plethora.

It means many and of great variety.
I chose this word because it sounds cool. Ple-thora. Say it, it rolls off the tongue.

Hey that sounds cool too. Tomorrow's word should be tongue. Tongue.
Tongue. Hee hee

Erica at 8:20 AM

Thursday, March 11

I am not a FLY lady but I've heard lots about it.
I am too scared to even look at the website as I fear it will point out
what a horrible housekeeper I am.

I know I need to get more organized and I feel cramped with so much stuff in my house so I'm going to start cleaning out stuff, sell it, donate it or chuck it.

Maybe its the urge to spring clean, maybe a need to simplify, who knows.
But while I feel like it, I'm gonna "de-clutter" as those FLY ladies say.

Not that I'm against FLY lady, I'm just afraid adopting a routine for housecleaning (which I hate doing anyway) may suffocate me......*gasp*
Erica at 1:12 PM

Wednesday, March 10

Today at Breathe, the topic was about budgeting.
The speaker (Shannon) was really good at the topic at she had
much personal experience living on a tight budget.

It was very encouraging to see that other families are out there trying to make this
"one income family" thing work too. Sometimes I feel very alone in that where I live, as there are mostly two income families.

I was also encouraged to see that I do alot of this budgeting thing "right"!
Well, the same as the speaker anyway. We're all learning how to improve at it.

But I was encouraged to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will NOT be in debt forever. And other people out there are just plugging away at it too.

So cheers! To someday being debt free! *clink*
Erica at 2:19 PM

Tuesday, March 9

So here's the scoop:

D.J. has been having a horrible time at his job for the last two years. He's very unhappy and stressed to the max. He has applied for tons of jobs in the last year and nothing.

On Sunday night, we both had enough so we prayed (again) about his job situation. We'd been praying before for God to help D.J. at work, to give him strength and integrity, to be a light in a dark place etc.

But this time, we were both just tired of the whole thing, and we prayed "God, You do it. We're tired, we give up, D.J. tried everything and it hasn't worked so we ask for YOU to move and rescue D.J., without D.J. doing anything."

So, Monday morning, at 7:30am D.J. gets a call at work from an Assistant Deputy Minister from another branch of government, asking D.J. to meet him at his office.

So D.J. goes there, and he offers him a job! Whoa! But that's not all.

1.) Its closer to our house (something I'd been praying about) which is great. Right now its a 30 minute (min) commute, so he spends an hour a day in the car.

2.) It starts April 1st, really fast which is what D.J. needs for his sanity.

3.) Its more in line with D.J.'s talents and abilities. (lots of schmoozing with politcians)

4.) It starts at more money than he is making right now.

So I'm just AMAZED at God's goodness to us. I know it has to do with timing but I think there's also a lesson for us in it. Sometimes God wants to do stuff FOR us rather than help us through on our own.

He really loves us, and wants to be our rescuer and deliverer. We're not burdening Him by asking, He really is like a loving parent so dependence on Him is strength, not weakness.
(for all those I don't need help from no-one types)

Wow! I'm really excited right now.
Erica at 8:24 AM

Monday, March 8

I am more excited than I can say right now.
Something absolutely amazing just happened in our family.

But I'm not allowed to talk about just yet because D.J. wants to
process it for a day before I talk about it.

No, I'm not pregnant!

But tomorrow's blog is going to be GREAT!!!
Erica at 9:58 AM

Sunday, March 7

Yesterday D.J. and I did a grown-up thing.
We went to a meeting to become members at our church.

We've been going there for 7 years so its not the church that we have issues with, to become members of, community club etc....just seems like an old person thing to do.

Its funny, I still think of myself as young but I'm almost 30! Thirty just sounds old to me!

But everyone now says 30 is the new 20! Whatever that means!
So I guess that makes 40 the new 30???? So I have another 10 years before I have to worry about being the new 30!

I'll start stocking up on the Oil of Olay now!
Erica at 8:46 AM

Friday, March 5

Today is a good day.
My husband took the afternoon off, he got paid today so I get to go shopping.
Both my hubby and kids have been napping all afternoon so I'm getting paperwork done and watching t.v.

This is going to be a fun weekend!
Erica at 3:33 PM

Thursday, March 4

The words "I love you" are very powerful, and when I hear my children say, "I love you mommy" it can
absolutely melt my heart. All whining and diapers are forgotten and they are perfect once again.

However, I witnessed an event today that makes me wonder about what "I love you" REALLY means to a two
year old.

Rebecca was sitting in a restaurant with me. She caressed her ice-tea with one hand, and said, "I love my juice".
And then she sighed longingly, and gently said, " I love you ice-tea."

It took everything in me to not pee myself, I was laughing so hard.
I may forever question how much it means, when she says she loves me because hey.....she also loves ICE-TEA!

Erica at 9:31 PM

Wednesday, March 3

There are books and books written on combatting a child's negative behaviours.
Behaviour modification strategies for cranky children is a whole section at the book store.

My question is, what do you do if YOU'RE the one who is cranky?
Yesterday I was particulary frustrated with Isabella's clinging and whining.
While my heart knows she is ill and in need of extra TLC, my selfish mind was thinking "LEAVE ME ALONE FOR TEN SECONDS, AHHHHHH!!! STOP WHINING!!!!"

I was getting very testy and cranky by the end of the day.
I think I need some strategies to combat my own negative behaviours when I'm in a funk.

Maybe I can give myself a time out? Hmmmmmmm......time out!!!! :)
I could try appeasing myself with a treat, a handful of raisins works for the girls. Mmmmmmm.....raisins!
Maybe I just need a nap????

Yep, I think the kid's stategies are pretty much universal. A nap would do wonders for my attitude. :)
Erica at 9:20 AM

Monday, March 1

For anyone who's ever been haunted by the stupid things they've said in the past.....

You know when you say something stupid, or insensitive and then even years later the thought
of your "mental lapse" can still make you feel like a dork???
(I know....let it go Erica!....I'm working on that)

Anywho....I think I've found a cure for the haunting memory of social faux-pas.

Just watch the Oscars.

Millions of dollars of jewels and dresses, stylists, p.r. people and some of the most beautiful faces in the world.
But was there any semblance of intelligent conversation on the red carpet????

I was nauseated. And as badly stumbling, shallow, and inane as the celebs were, the interviewers were WORSE by far!
"Oh, you look so fabulous, who made your dress? How great will it feel to win the Oscar?"
The same stupifyingly ludicrous line of questioning for each celebrity. And each of them with demure decadent (and false) humility, "Oh, its just an honor to be nominated."

I couldn't handle it. I had to turn it off. "You're fabulous" "No, you're fabulous" "you're beautiful" "No, you're beautiful"

On the bright side, when I turned the channel, Absolutely Fabulous was on, and THAT show is funny!
Absolutely Fabulous! Ha! (oh, the irony)
Erica at 8:34 PM